Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013-2014 Schedule of Classes, Groups, and Activities

This information came from our annual planning meeting, open to all adult members of INCH.
The online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks!

Keep reading to learn about the MANY activities, clubs, field trips, events, classes, etc. we’ll be enjoying this year!!

Regularly-Scheduled Activities & Clubs: 

INCH Fridays - INCH families meet weekly on Friday afternoons year round for social/activity time. May through September, we meet for Park Days. October through April, we meet an indoor location (such as the YMCA). We are in the process of figuring out our winter plans for this upcoming year.

In addition to INCH Fridays, these are many activities that meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Details, including times and dates and location, will come directly from the coordinator of each activity. Many of them are popular activities that we have done in past years, and some are new for this year. Anyone in the group is welcome to plan anything at anytime – all we ask is that you never schedule an activity at a time when another INCH activity is already meeting.

  • 20 Things Club (Monthly, Ages 10+): Coordinator: Stacy F.
  • Book Club (Monthly, Ages 9-12) - Coordinator: Mark F.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon Club (Monthly) - Coordinator: Max F.
  • Art Class with Miss Jenny (twice monthly, ages 5+) - Coordinator: Desiree H.
  • Younger Kids’ Playgroup - Coordinator: Sherri B.
  • Younger Kids’ Card Club (Monthly, Ages 6-10) - Coordinator: Brennan J.
  • Theater Group  - Coordinator: Jake W.
  • Book Club (Ages 6-9) - Coordinators: Jenn M. & Sherri B.
  • Scholastic Book Orders - Coordinator: Jenn M.
  • Nature Club (all ages) - Coordinator: Sherri B.
  • Cooking Lessons (Ages 10+) - Coordinator Dave J.
  • Knitting Club - Coordinator: Cristin E.
  • Service Activities – Coordinator: Kadie B.
  • Yearbook Club – Coordinator: Chris B.

Annual Activities:

In addition to our regular activities, we have a few annual INCH activities.

  • End-of -Summer Potluck (September 27th) - Coordinator: Kadie B.
  • Holiday Party - Coordinators: Kadie B. and Becci S.
  • May Day - Coordinator TBA (volunteer appreciated).

Other Activities 

Here is a list of activities that we have done in the past, but not necessarily annually. If there is an activity that you would like to plan, feel free to run with it. Please remember that kids can plan/lead activities as well – in fact, it is encouraged! There are some activities that INCH members have already agreed to plan (names are listed in parentheses), as well as others that anyone can feel free to plan if they’d like. As always, if you have an idea for an activity that is not on our list, you are also welcome to plan it.

  • Cleona Borough Fall Festival (Kadie B.)
  • Food Bank Food and Clothing Drive (Kadie B.)
  • Bowling
  • Music Days
  • Science Fair (Anna R.)
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Classes at Middle Creek
  • Trunk or Treat (Kadie B.)
  • Spring Dance
  • Laser Tag 
  • Christmas Village
  • Mini Golf
  • Book-it Pizza Outings
  • Barnstormer Reading Program (Sherri B.)
  • Afternoons with Shakespeare (Stacy F.)
  • Teen Nights
  • Shakespeare at the Gamut (Mark F.)
  • LARP
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Art Activities (Caryl N.)
  • D&D

Field Trips

People plan field trips throughout the year. We already have a number of field trips in the works, but like I've said, feel free to plan any outings you would like.

  • Milton Hershey School, Founders Hall, (Jessica H.)
  • Apple Orchard (Aubrey S.)
  • Farm Visit (Kadie B.)
  • Fire Station (Aubrey S.)
  • Grocery Store Tour (Aubrey S.)
  • Hershey Chocolate World/Trolley Ride (Aubrey S.)
  • Lake Tobias (Kadie B.)
  • Whitaker Center
  • Landis Valley Homeschool Days
  • North Museum
  • Wolf Sanctuary (Sherri B.)
  • Baltimore Aquarium (Kadie B.)
  • Crayola Factory (Jenn M.)
  • Art Musuem

Annual Overnight Trip May 2014: Boston, MA

This past year we organized a group trip to Colonial Williamsburg, which also included excursions to Jamestown Settlement, Monticello, and other local sites. It was a big success. This year we are planning a trip to Boston, MA. As with our previous trip, travel arrangements including transportation, lodging, and food, are up to each individual family to plan. Not only will this make things less complicated, this will allow everyone to plan a trip that works well for their own travel styles and budgets, whether it be a hotel, camping, a vacation home, staying with relatives, or whatever.

We will have fundraising opportunities to help make the trip more affordable for as many families as possible. Each family that is going on the trip is welcome to plan one fundraiser in which we can all participate. Any family that plans a fundraiser will share in the proceeds of all fundraisers. If your family would prefer not to fund-raise and would rather just pay for the trip outright, that is okay. Just be sure to let us know so we can know what to expect. These fundraisers are not only a good way to help defray the costs of the trip but they are also additional activities where our children can get together and enjoy a good time. Some ideas so far include a car wash, bake sale, laser tag night, roller skate night, raffle, sandwich sales, and restaurant fundraisers.

We will have a planning meeting to discuss our tentative itinerary, and then we will have a firm RSVP date of October 31st (saying that you are committed) so that we can do more detailed planning. Once we have a list of those attending, we will get together to hammer out the final details. We're really excited about this and it's a real indicator of how much INCH has grown as a group!

An email will be going out soon with more details about this trip.

Parent Activities

While one of the primary reasons we formed INCH is to provide opportunities for group learning and socialization, another wonderful benefit is the opportunity for parents to come together, learn, and support one another. Our parent activities happen throughout the year.

  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Round Robin Discussion Nights
  • Dads' Dungeon & Dragons (Mark F.) (This activity is full, but interested dads can be placed on a waiting list)
  • Dads' Activity Nights (Mark F.)
  • Academic Article/Book Club (Peggy B.)
  • Moms’ Birthday Dinner Club (Kristie W.)
  • Portfolio Workshop (Lisa B.)

We're all looking forward to a great year! Thanks to all who work so hard to make INCH such a great, close-knit group of families!

Membership Agreement

INCH Guidelines and Participation Agreement

Membership Requirements

INCH has two basic requirements for formal membership. They are:
  • A small yearly fee. For the 2013-2014 year, the fee is $25 per family due no later than March 10/September 10 respecively. This is to cover administrative costs.There will be no refunds or exceptions.
  • Adult participation in planning or helping execute at least one event during the 12-month INCH cycle.
Membership in INCH entitles you to access to the INCH email list, member directory, and calendar of events. Multiple email addresses for each family may be added to the list if desired for no additional cost.

A planning meeting is held annually, and all adult members of INCH families are welcome to attend in order to help plan the year's classes, events and trips. INCH members are encouraged to add and conduct events throughout the year as well; please contact the calendar coordinator about adding them to the calendar.

Information Sources

There are two primary methods of information distribution:
  • The web site (with private calendar)
  • The email list 
Although general information about the group will be available publicly, individual and specific information will be available ONLY TO MEMBERS on other parts of the site.

The administrator will never sell your personal information. Any information that you choose to share (for a directory of group members, for example) is opt-in only, and your contact information won't be published without your permission. Please use your best judgment about when and how you share your contact details.

Email: Access, Use and Etiquette

Access to the email list is part of INCH membership. Names will be added to the list during two sign-up periods in September and March. To be included on the email list, payment must be received by September 15 and March 15 respectively. Those who wish to join the email list outside of the sign-up period will be placed on a wait list and added during the next sign-up period.

Change of address requests will be addressed during sign-up periods.

Please do not use the group list for emails containing political, religious, or non-educational commercial material. Content should relate to homeschooling issues, events or opportunities. Forwarding emails to individuals who are not members of the group is considered a violation. Violators will be removed from the list.

When corresponding:
  • Please take notice of the person originating correspondence and reply to that individual with questions, RSVPs, etc. Responding to unrelated individuals creates confusion for the group and increased work for the list administrator.
  • Please specify relevant deadlines.
  • Please handle conflict privately, directly and off-list.
Deliberate misuse of the list will result in temporary or permanent removal, at the list administrator's discretion.


INCH members are expected to be civil to one another. Disagreements should be worked out privately between those involved; all members of the group deserve to be comfortable during group meetings. 

INCH is an ecumenical group and welcomes various viewpoints. Please be aware in your dealings with others that they may differ from you on educational, religious, political and social issues, and that we are all required to treat each other with civility despite our differences.

Inappropriate behavior (such as gossip, proselytizing, abusing private information disclosed on the group list, etc.) is discouraged. Please be respectful of others around you. 

If you can't be civil, you will be asked to leave the group and removed from the email list.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Remitting payment for INCH membership indicates that you agree to adhere to this Participation Agreement. Violation of any terms specified herein shall be grounds for dismissal from the group. Please keep a copy for your records.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Administrative Changes

I, together with a few other families, started INCH in 2006, and in a relatively short time the group has grown tremendously. If you have attended any activities during the year, you have seen how large and diverse a group we have. We have had some activities with more than 100 people in attendance. This is wonderful.

With such growth, however, comes a lot of challenges on the administrative side. Over the past few years, there has been much discussion about various ideas to help make our group even better. We have discussed issues from safety to privacy to time and efficiency (a great deal of time goes into the behind-the-scenes management of the email list, calendar, and website, most especially the email list that currently has over 90 families on it) to civility as well as various members’ levels of commitment to the group. The concern over these issues has been growing steadily over the past few years.

Therefore, we have some changes we are making with the hope that we can streamline our efforts and also address all of these concerns. For the first time we are asking members to read and agree to a set of group rules. The complete agreement will go out in a future email, but here are a few details of which you should be aware.

For the first time we are asking each family to pay an annual registration fee. This will be a nominal fee required to stay on the INCH membership list. This fee will give each family access to the private email list and group emails, private calendar of events, and our new opt-in directory. Each INCH participant will also receive a membership card/student (or teacher) ID, if you desire.

Group list maintenance will happen twice per year on September 10 and March 10. These will be the only times that we will be adding people to the list. Anyone who wishes to be added between these times will be placed on a waiting list until the following registration date. (This year, we are giving everyone more time to review the updated INCH information and comply with the changes – you have until September 30th).

As always, we ask each family to make at least one contribution to INCH each year. This can be a class, fieldtrip, other activity, or some sort of supportive role (park days reminders, parents' night out organization, etc.).

I will continue to maintain the list. Mark F. will continue to keep our calendar and website updated.

Dave J. will be responsible for welcoming new members, including fielding emails with questions about how INCH works, what types of activities we conduct, general homeschooling inquiries, and anything else of that nature.

Sherri B. will field all questions related to the INCH membership agreement and registration fees. She will also be in charge of maintaining our INCH directory. This will be strictly opt-in, with each individual family deciding which information will appear on the directory. Families are not required to be on the directory.

Becci S. will make and distribute the INCH membership/ID cards. These cards will be available after the registration deadline has passed.

We are in the process of updating our website to reflect all of these changes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Student Discounts

With your INCH Student ID card, you should be able to enjoy discounts around the county. We will try to keep this list updated with area businesses who offer these deals.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that all the merchants below will accept our ID cards for discounts.

Some businesses with student discounts include:

Top It Frozen Yogurt
10% off with a student ID

The Cellar (used bookstore at the Annville Free Library).
All items 50 cents with a student ID
(Normal prices: Hardback books, $4. Paperback books $2)

Barnes and Noble
20% off educational materials and access to some special discounts
(You need to register with Barnes and Noble for their educator card)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

2012-2013 Schedule of Classes, Groups, and Activities

This information is from an email about our annual planning. The online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks!

Welcome to the 7th year of INCH! Yes, seventh. Wow. I remember when this group started years ago with 4 families. And here we are today with dozens of families on the mail list. So exciting, but even more exciting than the number of people in INCH is the kind of people that come regularly -- it is such a great, supportive, eclectic, cohesive group of kind, open, amazing families. 

Keep reading to find out what's in store and how you can be involved - much of what is already on the calendar so far is the result of feedback from the families who have been attending regularly for the past year, particularly kid feedback, and volunteer contributions. Again, there is room for much more (on purpose), so that ALL can be involved. Please read the entire email to see what's up this year and to find out how you can plan whatever you'd like to contribute!

Okay, here we go. There are 3 main aspects to this information:

1. INCH structure - set times and extra outings
2. Clubs 
3. 4-day, 3-night INCH trip


1. INCH structure 

We are doing away with regular Friday morning INCH times. We are no longer meeting weekly on Friday mornings from 10-12. This gives everyone more morning time for their own schooling at home, makes it easier for those traveling from a distance, and frees us up as a group to do even more (and, at times, lengthier) activities at different times and in different places. It also helps us have more flexibility so that we can take advantage of things happening in our communities as they come up. 

What's abundantly clear is that these INCH kids (and adults!) want to get together socially on a regular basis. Everything else is gravy. That being said, INCH families continue to meet weekly on Friday afternoons from about 1-5 year round (at Park Days from May - September and at the YMCA from October - April) for purely fun/active/social reasons. 

As for activities and field trips . . . rather than meeting weekly for Friday morning classes and activities, we are switching to one main monthly activity from October through April and adding a 4-day, 3-night trip in the spring. We will try to have as many of these monthly activities scheduled on weekends or evenings as possible, so that all family members can attend, except in cases where we can avoid crowds and save money by going during various weekdays (ah, the joys of homeschooling!). 

That means we have 7 official INCH "school year" activities. They are a mix of outings, field trips, projects, celebrations, and fun. Here they are for 2012-2013 (these are already planned because they are repeat activities by popular request as well as field trips we didn't get to this past year):

October 5 - Lake Tobias (Kristie W.)
November 27 - Roller Skating at Mt. Grenta (Stacy F.)
December TBA - Holiday Party (Kristie W.)
January 18 - Cultural Studies Fair (Jessica H.)
February TBA - Family Valentine's Dance (Amy M.)
March 29 - Bowling (Desiree H.)
April TBA - Indian Echo Caverns (Jenn M.)
May 2-5 - INCH 4-day, 3-night trip to Williamsburg, VA (More info to follow in another email)

Specific dates and times for these 7 activities will be on the calendar as they are scheduled and detailed emails will go out for all activities and clubs. The emails will be sent by whomever is in charge of each activity/club. This applies to anyone planning anything all year long. If you have questions about any activities, please contact the person in charge.

In addition to these set monthly activities, anyone is welcome to plan anything at any time (other than at the same time as an already-planned INCH activity or club). Again, the calendar is updated and will continue to be updated. For example, there are already two more October activities in the works -- a mini golf outing (already on the calendar) and a corn maze/pumpkin patch outing. They are in the works simply because people in the group wanted to have the activities and volunteered to head them up. That opportunity is available to everyone in INCH

If you would like to plan ANYTHING at all (activity, field trip, club, etc.), go for it. Please check the calendar to make sure the day/time is available and that there is not already an INCH activity or club scheduled. Then, simply go for it. Plan it, send out the info to the entire group, and do it. When we see the email, we'll add it to the INCH calendar. It's that simple. You don't need to run it past anyone; you can just do it. You can hold the activity wherever you want (people in neighboring counties, feel free to plan things in your area if you'd like). It's like the Field of Dreams - "if you build it, they will come." Your activity, your ideas, your responsibility to send out email information and reminders and make it happen. 

Here are some possible additional activity ideas you are welcome to plan (or plan any other idea that suits your fancy):

Seasonal outings (apple picking, berry picking, ice skating, etc.)
Etiquette Dinner for teens
Yearbook activity/club
Biking/Hiking activity
Fossil Dig
Group Video Game Activity
Hawk Mountain Trip
Internet Safety Class
RAD Classes (in Cornwall)
DaVinci Science Center Visits
Ice Skating
Water Treatment Plant/Landfill/Recycling Center Trip
Reading Art Museum
Weis Mystery Tours
Chocolate World
Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
Wilbur Chocolate Tour
Middlecreek Classes
Knoebel's Outing
Dr. Seuss Birthday Activity
Philadelphia Museum of Natural Sciences Sleepover
Rails to Trails
Whitaker Center
Civil War Museum
Turkey Hill Experience
Craft Classes (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's, etc.)

Like an idea? Run with it! Have another one? Go for it! 

2. Clubs

INCH hosts various clubs and classes including, but not limited to, theater clubs, book clubs, research clubs, play groups, art classes, D&D, Parents' Night Out (PNO), etc. Many of them meet regularly. They are for various age groups. These, too, are always being updated on the calendar. You will also see many emails about them with details about how they run and ages and times. This is a busy email time of year. It will slow down again once we get set and going. 

The ones that are for sure happening so far are:

Art Classes for ages 5-18 (twice monthly) - TBA (Desiree H.)

Playgroup for little ones - 3rd Tuesday monthly at 10:30 am, as well as other times (Holly M.)

D&D Club - 3rd Sunday monthly from 2-5 (Mark F./Rusty H./Dave G.) - This group is full; starting waiting list

Book Club for ages 8-10 - meets 2nd Tuesday monthly 7-8:30 (Mark F.)

Theater Club - More info coming out soon (Stacy F./Sarah F.)

20 Things Research Club for ages 10 and up - 2nd Wednesday monthly from 6:30-8:30 (Stacy F.) - This group is almost full; (RSVP ASAP)

Parents Night Out - 2nd Tuesdays monthly from 6:30-9 at MJ's Coffeehouse in Annville
Volunteer Day at Library - TBA (Mark F.)

There will be more activities being added to the calendar throughout the year. Keep an eye on your emails! 

INCH has lots of kids of all ages. We especially have a strong group of teens, which is exciting! Please remember that anyone can plan any activity or club anytime so long as it doesn't conflict with an already-scheduled INCH time (always check the calendar). You can schedule them for anywhere! The Lebanon library is always very hospitable to us (they now charge $10/use of the community room). 

If you'd like to add any to the list, be our guest! 

Impromptu play dates, game nights, movie nights, potlucks, park days, and get togethers can be planned by anyone, anytime. If you wake up and it's a beautiful day out and the mood strikes you, send out an email inviting everyone to the park (or to go ice skating or to go fishing or to go to Chocolate World). I can almost guarantee you'll have a group there that day. INCH families are fun and spontaneous that way. :)

3. 4-day, 3-night INCH Trip

This year we are having an extended trip for any INCH families that are interested! We are planning to spend 4 days and 3 nights in the Williamsburg, VA area. The trip will be in May. We are still working on details as far as exactly where we will visit, but our trip will include time at Colonial Williamsburg (additional possibilities include Jamestown Settlement and Busch Gardens). We would like to spend lots of time together as a group (with the fringe benefit that we can take advantage of some group discounts!), and also have time for each family to plan their own activities.

To make things a bit simpler, travel arrangements, including transportation, lodging, and food, are up to each individual family to plan. Not only will this make things less complicated, this will allow everyone to plan a trip that works well for their own travel styles, whether it be a hotel, camping, a vacation home, staying with relatives, or whatever.

Also, we would like to have fundraising opportunities to help make the trip more affordable for as many families as possible. We expect each family that is going on the trip to help plan one fundraiser in which we can all participate. Any family that helps would share in the proceeds. If your family would prefer not to fund-raise and would rather just pay for the trip outright, that is okay. Just be sure to let us know so we can know what to expect. These fundraisers are not only a good way to help defray the costs of the trip but they are also other activities where our children can get together and enjoy a good time. Some ideas so far include a car wash, bake sale, laser tag night, sandwich sales, and restaurant fundraisers.

Any family who plans to go on the trip needs to RSVP by October 31st. Once we have a list of those attending, we will coordinate a planning meeting to hammer out the final details. We're really excited at this chance and it's a real indicator of how much INCH has grown as a group!


And this part. We say this every year, but frustratingly, it does not always translate into every family volunteering or contributing in some way. Please. If you are going to come to any INCH activities (and we hope that you do!), please find a way to contribute something to the group. That is the expectation. We need help. It is burdensome and unfair for most of the work to be done by a few families when there are so many families who attend even semi-regularly. We have listed where we can use your help. We understand that not everyone is able (whether emotionally, physically, financially, etc.) to contribute the same kind of thing. That's okay. But please find SOME way to help out. If you're not sure what would help, please refer to the list below. Also, kids are very welcome to host/offer activities and classes as well. We welcome and appreciate your help. 

These are activities that we would really like to have happen and areas in which we need volunteers:

Organizing a Service Project--COVERED
Organizing May Day/Music Day (to kick off Park Days next May)
Spring Earth Day/Field Day
Sending out emails about local events
Sending out reminder emails for Parents' Night Out
Sending out reminder emails for Park Days

Thank you, INCHers! We're going to have a great year!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

INCH 2012-2013 Events and Calendar Coming Soon . . .

It's that time of year! Events are being organized, activities are being planned, clubs are being put together. Stay tuned. Information will be posted shortly (hopefully by this weekend).

As we enter our SEVENTH year, we are thrilled to have such a diverse, supportive, eclectic, amazing, friendly group of families. Three cheers for INCH!! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Park Days!

Park days are going on now!

We meet every Friday afternoon
from May through September!!


Please be sure to get on the mail list
for more details
on Park Days
as well as everything else we do.

If you're on the mail list, you should be getting about 1-5 emails weekly
(sometimes less, sometimes more).

If you're not on the list, please join!

Just write us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com.


And don't let the name fool you.
Many of our members come from other counties besides Lebanon,
including Dauphin, Perry, North Umberland,
Schuylkill, Berks, Lancaster, and more!

All are welcome!

We have many, many wonderful families
and children of all ages, including many teens!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our List of Classes and Outings is POSTED!

And our calendar is updated, too. More is being added all the time!

If you are interested in participating in any of our activities, please let us know by emailing us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com.

Let us know you'd like to be added to our e-mailing list. We have an active mailing list for everything we do. Some of our classes and outings require a head count, so we need to know ahead of time who is attending. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011-2012 Schedule of Classes, Groups, and Activities

This information is from an email about our yearly planning meeting and calendar -- the online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks.

We had a GREAT planning meeting and I thank all who were able to attend as well as those who sent in ways they can help via email. It's heartening to see so many people pitching in to help continue to make INCH the great group it is.

It was a productive meeting and I'm always glad that we can crank out a year's worth of activities in ONE evening. Amazing!

Before I type up the results of our meeting, I want to reiterate something I said:

Our hope is that ALL INCH families will contribute/help in some way, so that everyone can pitch in a little, rather than having just a few families doing a lotIf you'd like to contribute and are just not sure how, please let me know and I can give you a list of suggestions. Most of our activities/outings are for all ages, but now and then, we may have some activities/classes geared toward older children/teens. When that is the case, we do need some parents to help out with the younger ones. There aren't many weeks like that, but some. Also, there are some outings/field trips/activities that need to be coordinated and arranged, so if that suits you, we could certainly use your help. In addition, if there are any "extra-curricular" clubs or playgroups or one-time events you'd like to organize or host, that would be great, too. 

Basically, if you attend INCH activities (and we hope that you do!), we hope that you will give back to the group as well. It is very much appreciated by all when everyone pitches in. If you have not yet signed up to help out, please let me know. We also have 3 specific Friday needs in our calendar this year -- two would involve some coordinating efforts, one is as simple as arranging for a speaker and showing up. First come, first served on those. I will indicate them on the list.

(Also, please consider having your older children sign up to head up some of the activities. I know we have A LOT of capable kids in INCH who can do things just as well, if not better, than the adults. If you'd like to give them a chance to head something up, please talk to them and sign them up!)

I.N.C.H. Fridays

Our INCH meetings are every Friday from 10-12 at the Lebanon Library Community Room, unless otherwise indicated by a field trip or other meeting place (usually the Palmyra Recreation Center). We meet for classes and activities from October - May (we go to the park for Park Days from May (afternoons) through September). The Lebanon Library is very supportive of INCH and they let us meet there for free (they waive the weekly fee). In return, we thank them by volunteering 4 times throughout the year as a group for about an hour before our regular INCH meetings. I will be sending out information on those dates and adding them to the calendar as soon as they are confirmed.

We generally pack lunches and eat together in the community room after our INCH classes. We go to the YMCA, which is the building behind the library, after lunch.

All of this information will be entered on the INCH Google Calendar (available on our website: very soon.

First up, our 2011-2012 calendar of Friday INCH activities:

All of the classes are held at the Lebanon Community Library from 10 am to 12 noon unless otherwise noted. Dates for the Palmyra Rec Center in 2012 are tentative, pending approval. 

Oct. 7 - About Me Activities/Time Capsule (Jessica H. and Kristie W.)

14 - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, Risser-Marvel Farm Market 10:30 am (Jessica H.)

21 - State Capitol Field Trip, 10:30 am at the State Capitol (Jessica H.)

28 - Remembrance Day (Peggy B.)

Nov. 4 - Cultural Studies (Lindy C.)

11 - Cultural Studies (Lindy C.)

18 - Flat Stanley (Stacy F.)


Dec. 2 - Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture (Mark F.)

9 - Music/Cooperative Games, PALMRYA REC CENTER (Peggy B./Lindy C.)

16 - Holiday Party (Kristie W.)

23 - HOLIDAY/NO CLASSES (Potential snow make-up date if needed)


Jan. 6 - Puppet Making (Cristin E.)

13 - Fire Safety Field Trip, location TBA (Kristie W.)

20 - Educational Games (Kristie W.)

27 - Flat Stanley (Stacy F.)

Feb. 3 - Math in Design (Bobbi S.)

10 - Math in Design (Bobbi S.)

17 - Music, PALMYRA REC CENTER (Peggy B.)

24 - Roller Skating, Mt. Gretna Roller Rink (NEED VOLUNTEER)

Mar. 2 - Bowling, location TBA (NEED VOLUNTEER)

9 - Science Fair (Mark F.)

16 - Meet the Plants (Cristin E.)

23 - Planets (Jaclyn H.)

30 - Science Fair Presentation, PALMYRA REC CENTER (Mark F.)

Apr. 6 - U.S. States (Rebecca G.)

13 - U.S. States (Rebecca G.)

20 - U.S. States (Rebecca G.)

27 - Poetry Slam (Jessica H.)

May 4 - May Day Activities, CLEONA PLAYGROUND (Peggy B.)

11 - Service Activities, location TBA (Kristie W.)

18 - Earth Day/Olympics, location TBA (Bethany C./Jessica H./Older Kids)

25 - Lake Tobias Field Trip, time TBA (Kristie W.)

Reminder Emails

I will send a reminder email to the group every month with that month's activities as well as a reminder of the names and email addresses of those who are coordinating each weekly activity that month. Whoever is in charge of each weekly activity will send out a reminder email with details and information about his or her respective activities (it's a good idea to send out a reminder within a few days of the RSVP date/event time). Anyone with questions should contact whoever is in charge of the activity about which you are inquiring.

For those with older children/teens, if you'd like to add them to the INCH email list, please let me know. I'm happy to do that.

Other Clubs and Activities (other than our usual Friday stuff):

Most of these groups are starting in October or later, unless otherwise noted. Emails will go out about each club/group.

20 Things Research Club - 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8:30 at our house in Annville. This REALLY fun club is for those 10 and up -- anyone turning 10 this school year is welcome. More details to follow. (Stacy F.)

10 Things Research Club - 1st Tues. afternoon of every month (starting after January 2012) at the Waldron's house. (This is for the under 10 crowd, minimum age 5-ish, talk to Kristie about any questions on that). (Kristie W.)

Annual INCH Halloween Party -- held at the Rebecca G.'s house, hosted by her family, always a Halloween extravaganza (seriously). October 29th. More information to follow from Rebecca.

Mini-Golf Outing -- Sometime this fall and/or next spring. Waiting to hear back on group rates from mini-golf place. Details to follow. An activity for the whole family. ALL are welcome. (Stacy F.)

Teen Nights - 4th Wed. of every month from 7-8:30 at our house in Annville. This club is a chance for the kids to simply be social and have fun planning and participating in activities and games and movies, etc. This club is for those 12 and up -- anyone turning 12 this school year is welcome. More details to follow. (Stacy F.)

Book Club for 7-10 year olds -- held at the Kristie W.'s house on every 3rd Tuesday afternoon from 1-2:30. More details to follow. (Kristie W.).

Book Club/Story Time for 4-6 year olds -- held at the Kristie W.'s house on every 1st Tuesday afternoon from 1-2:30. This will start in November. More details to follow. (Kristie W.).

Weis Market or Giant Food Stores Tour -- FREE Weis Mystery Tours™ or Giant Food Stores field trip program. 90-minute program. In these engaging tours, Pre-K through 6th grade students venture into supermarket aisles and explore the five main food groups through an interactive mystery story. We might have some flexibility on the ages, so that more are included. Time/Date TBA. (Stacy F.)

Valentine's Dance -- to be held on a night in February, entire families/all ages are welcome, food, music, and fun! More details to follow. (Kristie W.).

Paxton Cemetery (Revolutionary War Era) Tour and Lecture -- Hopefully in October. More details to follow. (Bethany C./Peggy B.)

Thursday Afternoon Playgroups - to be held at the Rebecca G.'s house, each week will be for different age/interest groups. More details to follow. (Rebecca G.).

Unlimited Laser Tag Activity - More details to follow. Waiting to hear back on group rates and options from Laser Tag Factory. (Stacy F.)

Rounds Parties -- to be held at Peggy's house, more details to follow (Peggy B.).

More Playgroups -- more information to follow (Holly M.)

Impromptu Play dates, Game nights, Movie nights, potlucks, Park days, and get togethers -- anyone, anytime.

Chess Club - more information to follow (Melissa S.)

Contra Dancing -- held every 3rd Saturday of the month in Lancaster, more details to follow, ALL are welcome (Peggy B.).

Glee Club -- This group will meet twice a month at our house and will put on a spring recital. This club is for those 10 and up -- anyone turning 10 this school year is welcome. It meets on 1st and 3rd Sundays from 10am - 12pm. (Mark/Stacy F.).

Homeschool Art Classes -- taught by a retired art teacher (Miss Jenny). Kristie W. will send out details as soon as she knows.

Homeschool Yoga Classes -- a yoga instructor in Annville is considering offering these to our group. More information to follow as I hear more.

PNO (Parents' Night Out) - MJ's Coffeehouse in Annville, Every 2nd Tuesday from 6:30-9. ALL parents are welcome. (This is not just a mom's group).

After the New Year --

Some of the dads would like to start a Dungeons and Dragons group for the kids (and the big kids :P). More details to follow.

If anyone has any group/club they'd like to host or run, please just go for it. Send out an email and start it. We're that kind of group. :)

Thanks, INCHers!!