Thursday, October 19, 2006

How To Know When This Blog Is Updated (Without Having To Check All The Time)

Added March 2007: You can receive updates by email! Simply enter your email address in the box at the right!

Really basic: Subscribe on the right!

You can either click on the "Subscribe to INCH of Lebanon County" link or the "Subscribe with Bloglines" button or the orange chicklet on the right column. It's free and easy! If you aren't signed up with an aggregator (like Bloglines), then clicking on those other 2 buttons on the right will just give you weird code. Subscribe to an aggregator (like Bloglines or whatever) and then subscribe to our blog! It's that easy! If it's new to you, they'll lead you through the process and you'll wonder how you've used the web without one of them!

A Word about Bloglines
You can use bloglines on this and other sites, too. Another way to do it is to register here: Bloglines and then click on the little symbol that looks like this: on your favorite websites. There are other ways, too. It's all explained on Bloglines. (Those of you who might already be using aggregators know the drill for whichever one you use).

Here's why I like Bloglines.

The way these feeds work is explained well here. That whole page is worth reading really--it even shows you what it looks like when you check your news aggregator.

Basically, this saves you from having to manually check on your favorite websites all the time to see if there are any updates. And this works for many, many websites, groups, blogs, etc. This can save you a great deal of time and it can help you UNinundate (don't bother checking--no, it's not a real word. I just made it up. I like it.) your inbox! You check your aggregator (Bloglines, etc.) and it'll let you know which of your favorite sites have been updated. You may recognize that little orange symbol from other places on the web. It's called a "chicklet" and it's known as the universal feed icon. It lets you know that that site (on which you see it) publishes a feed (read: you can be apprised of any updates to the blog/site/group/whatever) to which you can subscribe using a feed reader (that's where bloglines comes in).

I hope this makes sense. It took me a bit to understand it myself, but simply subscribing to Bloglines and setting it up with my favorite sites and blogs has shown me how easy and user friendly it is! How have I not used one of these before?!

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