Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meet Our Members

INCH has been created by 4 families. We’ve all searched for local groups and have noticed that there aren’t many, so we’ve decided to create an organized one together! We have been meeting together since Summer 2006. We get together twice a week for learning and fun.

This site talks a lot about our vision for this group. We are an open-minded group that values learning and diversity (hence our “inclusive” group). We see the value and importance of a cooperative group where we can all have fun together, learn together, share resources, and form friendships. (Many people who have been home educated all growing up don't feel that they've missed out on anything, due in large part to cohesive, organized cooperatives of homeschoolers that met regularly throughout their childhood/adolescence. They maintain many of those friendships as adults.)

Sometimes we receive inquiries about the ages in our group. First off, we reiterate that all are welcome! We are growing. Our group has a range of ages of children, from babies to 16 or so. And we are growing--what started as 4 families has grown to about 20 families so far. We hear of groups that have 20, 30, 40+ families--all of those groups have started with a few families. Whatever your ages, stick around (others will join, too) and please join us—have fun with us, learn with us, be friends with us.

Please use the comment section of this post to introduce yourself and your family to our group. Share with us a little (or a lot) about yourself and your family, telling us your ages, talents, hobbies, why you've chosen to homeschool, what curriculum you use (e.g.,Well-Trained Mind, Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, etc.), suggestions for our group, what you love about home education, and anything else you'd like to share. Remember, we are an INCLUSIVE group--we welcome and embrace one another and are excited about diversity among us!

Note: This post is open to all who'd like to comment. As a note, only two of the people in the comments' section of this post (as of June 2008) attend regularly, some attend now and then, some haven't yet attended, and some have moved away! So please don't be shy--all are welcome to post! And keep in mind that there are MANY in our group who have not yet commented on this post!


  1. Hello! My name is Stacy and my husband's name is Mark. We have 2 wonderful children--Kate is 6 (April birthday) and Maxim is 3 (January birthday). We have lived in the Lebanon area for over 3 years and absolutely love it. We have fallen in love it here.

    We're very excited about this website. We've been working hard on it and hope it really helps grow our group and organize our ideas and projects and activities.

    We enjoy learning, reading, playing, music, games, cooking, cultures, languages, travel, and many more things.

    We love homeschooling! While neither Mark nor I has had a bad experience ourselves in the school system (in fact, we've had good experiences), we simply feel that this is right for our family for a lot of reasons--academic, personal, and family among them. We use the Well-Trained Mind curriculum (part of what's convinced us to homeschool--some great friends of ours introduced us to this book and the wonders of homeschooling). We also strive to follow our children's interests in all that we do. "You want to know what an earwig eats? Let's look it up! What do Quakers believe? Let's find out! What does an illuminated manuscript look like? Let's see!"

    We love being together as a family. We love learning together and having lots of free time for playing and pretending and adventures! We love associating with other homeschoolers and constantly marvel at how well EVERYONE gets along regardless of age, gender, physical limitations, likes, and dislikes.

    We're excited to get to know everyone better!

  2. Hello, My name is Melanie. I was born and raised in Lebanon, but currently reside in Jonestown. I have 3 children; a girl 12, a boy 4 and another boy who just celebrated his first birthday. I have searched far and wide for a local group like this, and now they are popping up all over.
    I have amassed quite a file on homeschooling since I first heard of it about 7 years ago. My daughter goes to the public middle school and wants nothing to do with homeschooling. She is interested in acting though, so maybe the theatre program would interest her. I am determined to keep my boys at home, so I couldn't have found this group at a better time. My four year old is already wanting to go to school. I haven't formally started him yet, but I take time to work with him on fundamentals and try to make his outdoor play and other excursions learning experiences. I try to get him to story time once a week. I am planning on using unit studies when he is older. I look forward to meeting other parents who homeschool. Glad to be here.


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  4. My son is still a toddler, but he’s starting to fill his toolbox. Right now, it’s mostly words and numbers – and his favorite question, “What does that mean?” I hope he’ll always ask what things mean, no matter what the subject.

    There are standards to be met, bodies of knowledge to be mastered. But there’s also the unique opportunity to give my son the tools to approach learning in a way that suits him. I hope that he will end up with a liberal education. I want him to be exposed to a broad range of subjects, as well as diverse ways of learning about them. I want him to love asking questions and finding answers, and so will work with him to find ways to make that happen. Standards change. Analytical and critical thinking, commitment to civic life, and a strong sense of ethics endure.

    At the moment, I plan to use “The Well-Trained Mind” curriculum, adapting and supplementing where necessary. I look forward to watching my son’s mind unfold.

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  6. Hello! My name is Kim and my husband's name is Joe. We currently moved to Fredericksburg Pa. Which is a short drive to Lebanon. We relocated with my husband's work. He is a plant manager at Farmer's Pride. We have 3 boys Joey is 17 and a senior at North Lebanon, Tony is 16 and I homeschool him using Agora -K12 and John Paul is in 3rd grade and is 9 yrs old. Tony and I are new to homeschooling but love it. He is doing very well with it. John Paul wants to be homeschooled next year. I am looking for social outings that would appeal to a older child. Do you have alot of teens in your group?


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