Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ongoing Local Activities

The Homeschool Book Forum meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except January) at 10:30 a.m. at the Lebanon Library Community Room throughout the school year. All are welcome! It is a great way to show off projects, do oral reports, share a book report or tell about a book you've read, share a poem you've memorized, etc. In other words, it's a great way to have an audience and be an audience. It's also a great way to get in touch with other home schooling families in the area.

Homeschool Art Class at the Fredricksburg Library Fridays from 9-10am for $4.00/class. Great projects like kiln-fired clay pieces, batik, tiles to make stamped pieces, etc. Mrs. Cindy Mindy is the teacher--she teaches art at private schools in the area and is wonderful with the kids (great group of kids, too)! Feel free to join anytime--always new projects starting.

Rounds Singing Parties in Annville. Friends meet about once a month to sing songs together. We sing rounds such as the timeless Row Row Row Your Boat as well as funny, sweet, and challenging rounds by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Purcell, and Haydn. Format is go-around so you are welcome to bring a round to teach, pick one out of the book, or pass on your turn. All ages welcome to sing and participate, and a sitter will be available for those young people who just want to play while their adults sing. We sing for about two hours, with a snack break in the middle. Call Peggy (867-4052) for directions and more info.

Palmyra Bowling offers Bowling Classes for Home Schooled Students!

$6 per week
Session is 12 weeks long
Prepay & Save! Receive 1 FREE WEEK when you prepay.

• Meets Thursdays from 10am to 11:30am
• Bowl 2 games every week
• Coach will instruct students on the basics of the game
• Incentive awards and participation certificate
• Last day GLOW BOWLING pizza party!

Palmyra Bowling
1218 E Main Street ♦ Route 422 East ♦ Palmyra, PA 17078
Phone: 838-6341
For info call AMY or email

A Theater Class is forming this winter (January 2007)! We will plan to meet at the Annville Free Library on Thursday evenings from 5-8 pm for theater instruction with the eventual outcome of putting on a play. Children must be able to read their script unaided and there will be a $45.00 charge for first child ($35 for siblings). If you are interested in more information, please email and she will add your name to the list. We will have limited enrollment and after October 30th the class roster will close.

The Lebanon YMCA is offering YMCA Homeschool Swim Time. Homeschool swimming classes are held on Tuesdays from 11-12 at the VA pool. Contact the YMCA for prices and start dates.

Mount Gretna Roller Rink is holding family skate night the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:30-9:30 at a low cost of $3.00/person (extra if you rent skates).

There are several community, 4H, and animal clubs in Lebanon County. North Mountain 4H meets the last Monday of each month at the Water Works Fire Hall and offers general activities, such as cooking, sewing, archery, hiking, air rifle, scrapbooking, and crafts. There is a $10.00/year fee as well as $1.00 insurance fee, but most activities are free unless you need to purchase supplies. The group does many community service and social activities.

Palmyra Kung Fu offers classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings in North Palmyra. Students must be 12 or older. The studio is on Edison Drive which is near Gravel Hill Church. The class is extremely affordable, all ages, adults and kids together, and the instructors really like what they are doing. Time is from 7-8pm Monday and Wed nights, pay per month, dress is comfortable, sweats, and sneakers are fine - no need to buy anything special. Please feel free to call instructors Jack Alt @ 838-4254 or Calvin Chappel @ 838-5895 for more information.

A Homeschool Horsemanship Course is being offered in Jonestown!
Come and enjoy this introductory course on horsemanship, taught by Andi Jones, CHA certified instructor. The class will cover: Safety and horse handling, grooming and tacking, basic English and Western Riding and more. This is a weekly class, held on Fridays from 2:30-4pm, running Friday, April 6th to Friday May 25th. This eight-week course is open to homeschooled children between the ages of 10 and 16. The cost is $150. The class will be held at:

Hideaway Hills
84 Lickdale Road
Jonestown, PA 17038

Contact Andi Jones at (717) 222-1649 for more information and to register.

Read with the Barnstormers! Read 4 books and get free tickets to a baseball game! For more information, please contact Kevin Manno at 717-358-9862.

Jubalee Music offers a homeschooler discount for music and voice lessons--contact Donna Saltzer at 274-9447.

Piano Lessons taught by piano teacher/homeschool mom Susan Loncar (lives in Cornwall/Mt. Gretna Area). Daytime lessons available. Contact Susan at 279-6330.

Piano Lessons taught by piano teacher/elementary school teacher Ryan Stewart (lives in Jonestown). His rates are $25 per half hour. Contact Ryan at 865-0786 or email him at

Margaret Haley is offering her services as a Homeschool Evaluator to the homeschooling families of INCH! Her phone number is 717.866.4754.

Somer Parker is a homeschooler who is certified to do Homeschool Evaluations for elementary students. Her rate is $50.00 for an end-of-year evaluation. She will also do midyear evaluations and help new homeschoolers get started. You can contact Somer Parker at 717-395-8703.

Debra LeVan is a PA certified math teacher w/ 33 years teaching experience for grades 7-12 math. She is available for 1 to 1 or small group instruction/ tutoring/ homework help in 7/8 math, prealgebra, algebra 1&2, geometry, and precalculus. She is willing to travel and is flexible w/ time. You can reach her at or 717-805-7361.

Miriam David (B.S. Millersville University, Masters + 30 in Elementary Ed. Millersville University) has 37 years' experience in elementary education (primary experience with some in intermediate) and is retired (but still subbing) from Tulpehocken School District. She is offering her services to homeschoolers--either helping or assisting with evaluations. You can contact her by emailing her at or by calling 610-589-2235.

Another homeschool evaluator - here is her letter of introduction:

I do evaluations at my home in Elverson, PA and I do distance evaluations. Attached at the end of this email is the information you will need for each.

I also evaluate for diploma programs, except for PA Homeschoolers, which I will not evaluate for philosophical reasons. I am very familiar with Erie and am on their list of certified evaluators.
For an in person evaluation, please email or call me at 610-913-0132 to schedule an appointment.

This is the information I need for a distance evaluation:

Student's name
3-5 pages from portfolio (copies please or SASE for originals)
Supervisors name and mailing address
Date 180 days completed
Response to interview questions (see below - include with portfolio samples
or request a phone interview)

Interview Questions:

1. What was something you learned this year that surprised you? Explain.
2. What was your favorite book, subject, museum, park (or something else)
you learned about or experienced this year?

Fee: $35 per student

Dawn Sweeney
2850 Harmonyville Road
Elverson, PA 19520
(610) 913-0132

Pick a morning, up to 4 times a year, and get the chance to shadow a zookeeper at Hershey ZooAmerica. For $15.00, you shadow from 8-11:30a.m. in one of the 4 areas of the zoo. The areas are divided into first building, second building, south side of stream, and north side of stream. This program is for ages 14 and up, there is also a middle school camp offered over the summer, details to come.
To register, call ZooAmerica @ 534-3900

Paws Volunteer Opportunity - You can volunteer at the local PETSMART to clean the cat cages in their adoption area. You are encouraged to play with the cats and kittens while you are there! They are seeking more volunteers and it is a very simple "job"--fresh food and water, clean litter in each cage (depending on layout, about 7 or 8 cages) and you can do this anytime between 7am and 9:30 am. They prefer it be clean when the store opens at 9, but are just grateful someone is willing to do the job. To volunteer, pick up an application by the kitties, it is an adoption/volunteer sheet- fill it out, and return it to PetSmart. The Reazers got a call the very next day!

Borders Books & Music LOVES Homeschoolers! Borders Books & Music proudly offers all homeschooling families 25 % off almost everything in our stores -- either for classroom or personal use - over our EDUCATOR SAVINGS WEEK, every March. Just present some form of homeschooling ID; it's as simple as that.

Host Foreign Exchange Students from France and Spain for a month! If you would like to know more, please call Sharon Ganz at 610-670-7878 or email at Feel free to ask her anything at all about this program. She can also supply you with names and numbers of other families who can tell you of their experiences! You can also go to to learn more about the organization that oversees her groups.

Please let me know of any other regularly scheduled local activities and I am happy to post them here. Please contact us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

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