Thursday, October 12, 2006


If you're like me, you've searched the web trying desperately to find local people in the area who, like you, choose to homeschool. You recognize that getting together in social and academic settings is important for your children and family. You're interested in cooperative classes and field trips and activities. You see the value of free play time with others. You enjoy getting to know others who feel the way you do about home education. You are looking for opportunities to foster friendships.

As our description states, we are an inclusive group. This means that all religions, cultures, methods of learning, kinds of curriculum followed, political views, talents, ages, families, learning abilities, and personalities are welcome.
We strongly believe that an inclusive cooperative group helps us better appreciate and understand one another, thereby making us all better citizens and people.

Do you live in Lebanon, Annville, Cleona, Jonestown, Fredericksburg, Myerstown, Palmyra, Cornwall, Campbelltown, or anywhere else in our county? Are you just outside our county borders (Hershey, etc.) but still interested? Do you live in Lancaster, Reading, or Harrisburg and want to be associated with our group? We're inclusive--we don't discriminate by geography either!

We are a newly-formed group and we are in the process of getting the word out and growing our group. We are setting up cooperative classes in such subjects as music, art, art history, and anything else we can come up with together. We have a children's book club. We do field trips together. We play together.

We are a diverse group whose members choose to homeschool for many different reasons including academic, religious, philosophical, family, personal, and medical. We strive to not only be accepting of one another but to take it a step further—we strive to view all members’ opinions from their perspective as well.

My name is Stacy (you can learn more about our family and other members of INCH in the “Meet our Members” section) and I’ve put together this website as a means to both organize and promote our group so that others can find us and join us. We enjoy INCH very much! I speak for my own family when I say that being a part of this group enhances our social and educational methods. Even though we follow a very organized curriculum, our approach is becoming more and more eclectic and custom tailored all the time as we interact with and learn from those among us whose different approaches we also appreciate and enjoy. Please explore the links on the right—you can learn more about us, see what kind of activities we’re enjoying, and even see what we’re reading! Again, welcome!

If you feel that our group is a good fit for you, please join us! Contact us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com (that is an anti-spam measure).


  1. Hello, my name is Bethany. Our family currently lives in NY and will be moving to Hershey this summer where my husband, Matt, will be attending med. school. Matt will recieve his Ph.d this summer. We will have 4 little ones by the time we arrive in your area. Our daughter is 8, son, 6, little brother (1 1/2), and baby boy #4 will make his appearance in May. Currently our oldest two have attended a fantastic public school. But we have found that daddy in school is a busy enough schedule! We are hoping for a more accomodating family life with homeschooling. We have yet to pick our curriculum(s). But will be attending a curriculum fair later this month and will get a better idea at that time. We would welcome any suggestions. Matt and I will be in the area looking for housing and getting familiar with the surroundings the week of 4/14. We look forward to meeting you then, or later in the year with "the crazies" in tow!

  2. Hi Bethany! Welcome!! I hope you get this comment. Please feel free to email us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com so we can communicate via email. We're very glad to have you join us! You fit right in! Welcome!! A few of us have even been through residency with our husbands and families through Penn State! ;) Welcome, welcome! Also, please feel free to sign up for updates -- it's in a box on the right on the main page. So glad you're here! :)

  3. Hello! My husband and I moved here a little over 3 years ago when he took his first positin outside of residency at Penn State Hershey. We have 4 children that I am currently homeschooling in pre-school, ages 4 yrs (boy), 3 years (girl) and two year old twin girls. I was looking for a group that I could swap ideas with, foster friendships and go on field trips in the area. We currently reside in Annville on the border of Palmyra, PA. Holly


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