Friday, November 24, 2006

Pictures From Our Puppet-Making Class

Thank you so much to Lisa for all of her hard work and preparation for such a fun class! We've made all kinds of puppets--finger puppets, stick puppets, sock puppets, and more! We used lots of books, lots of ideas, and lots of materials! We had so much fun that we didn't think to take many pictures. We had a new family join us from Jonestown, too! Welcome again! Thank you again, Lisa, for such a fun class!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We're Making Puppets!

Puppets don't have to be complicated or expensive. Join us Monday at 2pm at the Lebanon Community Library for an afternoon of art, experimentation, and fun! Participants should bring markers or crayons, glue, construction paper, yarn, and any sort of decorative objects that can be glued to paper and fabric.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pictures From Our First Class - "About Me" Books!

After a couple of great field trips, we've officially kicked off our classes at the very gracious Lebanon Community Library with a fun "About Me" Craft Project! We've all made some fun books and shared with one another more about ourselves, our families, our hobbies, our favorite books, our favorite movies and shows, and more! We had so much fun that we forgot to take more pictures, but here are a few. We really have a great time together!

Making our books

Sharing our books

And, of course, some plain old goofing around!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Review Of Our Playgroup

What a fun day and what beautiful November weather we've had for our most recent Friday playgroup! Thanks to our great hosts who provided us with a welcome home full of toys and fun and yummy treats. It was really fun! We had 6 children (variety of ages) and 6 adults. The adults enjoyed playing and visiting and the children enjoyed playing inside and outside! We also made thank you cards for the guides of our recent field trips. Everyone had a great time. We call it yet another success!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

December Calendar

The easiest way to join us is, quite simply, to join us! Do these classes and activities look like fun to you? Show up and have fun with us! We meet twice a week. We meet on Mondays for classes (or field trips) and a children's book club and game club and we meet on Fridays for free play, organized play, and/or field trips. We also have a Parents' Night Out on the 1st Tuesday of every month. If you'd like to volunteer to host or facilitate any of our classes or playgroups, please do! Please always consult the calendar (and check often--we update A LOT and this is, at times, subject to change) for specifics. Thanks!

Dec. 1 (Fri) - Play and Visit from 2-4pm

Dec. 4 (Mon) - Play and Visit at Christy's House 2-4pm

Dec. 5 (Tues) - Parents' Night Out at MJ's Coffeehouse 7pm

Dec. 8 (Fri) - Play and Visit at Member's Home (email for directions) from 2-4pm

Dec. 11 (Mon) - Brainstorming Session at the Lebanon Community Library Community Room 2-4pm

Dec. 15 (Fri) - Play and Visit at Lisa's house (email for directions) from 2-4pm

HOLIDAY BREAK (Keep checking--we start up again in January!)

More to come . . .

Next Monday Class - "About Me" Books

Our next class is Monday, November 13th from 2-4 at the Lebanon Community Library Community Room. Because we are a newly-formed group and because our numbers are growing, we're kicking off our classes with an "About Me" craft project! We are working on making booklets about ourselves and we're getting to introduce ourselves to one another. Come tell us about yourself, your hobbies, and your favorite books (among other things)! Come learn about others! Everyone can make one and the older children are welcome to make their own and assist the younger children with projects as well.

Please bring art supplies!! This is kind of an "Anything Goes" project. We are all bringing art supplies to use and share--everyone needs some kind of paper for the booklets and beyond that, whatever your imagination desires! We can draw pictures, cut up magazines, etc. Please bring supplies you have on hand and we can all share things like glue, scissors, magazines to cut up, etc.

Thank you, again, to our good library for allowing us the use of the Community Room! We encourage anyone in our group who feels so inclined to volunteer sometime as a "thank you" to the library. Another reminder, too, that anyone in our group is welcome to facilitate classes--ideas are welcome! We very much appreciate volunteers for that!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Parents' Night Out

What a very enjoyable evening! Those of us who attended found ourselves asking, "Do we only do this once a month?" We got together at 7pm at MJ's Coffeehouse and after talking and visiting for a while, we wondered about the time, checked, and to our surprise, it was already 10pm! It flew. Thank you to all who attended. For those considering joining us, if you like good discussion and a supportive environment, I think you're in for a treat. I was definitely strengthened from such a pleasant evening with such good people. Thank you, again.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Reminders and Thank Yous

A few reminders and thank yous . . .

1. Our next Parents' Night Out is tomorrow night at MJ's (see calendar). We've got more new members joining us!

2. Be sure to check the calendar often. We're always updating it. In fact, November's been further updated tonight.

3. Scroll down! :) There are so many neat things on our website. Just tonight, we've posted some fun pictures of our field trip today. Browse around the site--there's a lot to enjoy! And please introduce yourselves in our "Meet Our Members" section (use the comments) and tell us about what you're reading, too in the "Pleasure Reading" section (again, please use the comments)!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone for pitching in--whether it's arranging a field trip, opening your homes for playgroups, giving us information to add to our site, teaching a class, being welcoming to those in our group, being good friends, it's all very, very appreciated. What a fun group we have!

Firehouse Tour

This Wednesday at about 2:15, the fire company in Annville will be hosting a tour. This is a great way to fulfill your fire safety requirement! They are located on Main street across from the library. All are welcome!

Pictures From Our Courthouse Tour

We've had a great time on our field trip to the courthouse! Our guide was Elaine Ludwig, Director of Elections & Voter Registration, who took time from her especially busy day (Election Day is tomorrow!) to teach us about the new voting machines in Pennsylvania and give us a tour of the courthouse. We appreciate her time and instruction in teaching us and leading us today--we've all learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves very much! And we're very happy to say that two more families joined us today!

Here we are on the steps of the courthouse--look how our numbers are growing!

Everyone got a chance to try out the new machines. All of our disgruntled children ("Why do I have to be 18 in order to vote?!") got a chance to push the buttons and try it out!

It's fun to punch in your name!

Hmmm, whom shall I choose?

Elaine gave us a tour of the building, explaining each office at the doors.

Questions at the Planning Department (A.K.A. the Zoning Office).

This room was a hit--a worker in the Assessment Office shows us a big map of an area in Northern Lebanon. The kids (and adults) have all asked a lot of good questions!

And again, simply because it is so exciting how our cooperative is growing . . .

Members of our group on the courthouse steps!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Review Of Our Playgroup

We've had a wonderful time at our Friday playgroup! Thanks to our very gracious hosts who provided us with an inviting, delicious-smelling home full of toys and fun and cocoa and mmmmm, freshly baked bread with a variety of spreads. It was fantastic! Two new families have joined us and they seem to like what they see--as they're able, they'll be at the next field trips, playgroups, and parents' night out, too! We had 10 children (variety of ages) and 6 adults. The adults and teens played games and the younger children played. Everyone visited and had a great time. We call it a success!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Play and Games

We're meeting this Friday, November 3rd from 2-4pm at a member's home (please email inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com (anti-spam measure) for directions and further information if you'd like to join us--we're happy to have you!). There are toys and areas to play. Please feel free to bring a board game or two to play (remember, we have a variety of ages). We are setting up board game stations, playing, and enjoying one another's company! We are so excited! We've been hearing from many area families who are excited to join us--this is a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves, grow our group, and make new friends!