Thursday, November 09, 2006

December Calendar

The easiest way to join us is, quite simply, to join us! Do these classes and activities look like fun to you? Show up and have fun with us! We meet twice a week. We meet on Mondays for classes (or field trips) and a children's book club and game club and we meet on Fridays for free play, organized play, and/or field trips. We also have a Parents' Night Out on the 1st Tuesday of every month. If you'd like to volunteer to host or facilitate any of our classes or playgroups, please do! Please always consult the calendar (and check often--we update A LOT and this is, at times, subject to change) for specifics. Thanks!

Dec. 1 (Fri) - Play and Visit from 2-4pm

Dec. 4 (Mon) - Play and Visit at Christy's House 2-4pm

Dec. 5 (Tues) - Parents' Night Out at MJ's Coffeehouse 7pm

Dec. 8 (Fri) - Play and Visit at Member's Home (email for directions) from 2-4pm

Dec. 11 (Mon) - Brainstorming Session at the Lebanon Community Library Community Room 2-4pm

Dec. 15 (Fri) - Play and Visit at Lisa's house (email for directions) from 2-4pm

HOLIDAY BREAK (Keep checking--we start up again in January!)

More to come . . .

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