Monday, November 06, 2006

Pictures From Our Courthouse Tour

We've had a great time on our field trip to the courthouse! Our guide was Elaine Ludwig, Director of Elections & Voter Registration, who took time from her especially busy day (Election Day is tomorrow!) to teach us about the new voting machines in Pennsylvania and give us a tour of the courthouse. We appreciate her time and instruction in teaching us and leading us today--we've all learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves very much! And we're very happy to say that two more families joined us today!

Here we are on the steps of the courthouse--look how our numbers are growing!

Everyone got a chance to try out the new machines. All of our disgruntled children ("Why do I have to be 18 in order to vote?!") got a chance to push the buttons and try it out!

It's fun to punch in your name!

Hmmm, whom shall I choose?

Elaine gave us a tour of the building, explaining each office at the doors.

Questions at the Planning Department (A.K.A. the Zoning Office).

This room was a hit--a worker in the Assessment Office shows us a big map of an area in Northern Lebanon. The kids (and adults) have all asked a lot of good questions!

And again, simply because it is so exciting how our cooperative is growing . . .

Members of our group on the courthouse steps!

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