Monday, November 06, 2006

Reminders and Thank Yous

A few reminders and thank yous . . .

1. Our next Parents' Night Out is tomorrow night at MJ's (see calendar). We've got more new members joining us!

2. Be sure to check the calendar often. We're always updating it. In fact, November's been further updated tonight.

3. Scroll down! :) There are so many neat things on our website. Just tonight, we've posted some fun pictures of our field trip today. Browse around the site--there's a lot to enjoy! And please introduce yourselves in our "Meet Our Members" section (use the comments) and tell us about what you're reading, too in the "Pleasure Reading" section (again, please use the comments)!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone for pitching in--whether it's arranging a field trip, opening your homes for playgroups, giving us information to add to our site, teaching a class, being welcoming to those in our group, being good friends, it's all very, very appreciated. What a fun group we have!

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