Monday, July 09, 2007

Minutes from our Brainstorming Session

Many people have been asking what INCH is doing for our next school year. Well, we've had a very productive brainstorm session with such an incredible group of parents and we're thrilled with our group, how we're growing, and what we're doing together!

More than one person has told me about homeschool co-ops that have started with a few families and grown into a cooperative of MANY families with people even being wait listed to get in! How exciting to hear of such growth! We're happy to report that INCH is steadily growing and we're so happy with what a great group of people we've got!

Here are some quick notes for now to let you know what we've discussed:

* Starting in September, we're meeting on Friday mornings at 10am (locations TBA)
* We're offering a chemistry course 2x/month
* We're offering an art history/music history course 1x/month
* We're also doing monthly field trips
* 1st and 3rd Fridays are Chemistry. 2nd Fridays are Field Trips. 4th Fridays are Art/Music.
* Whenever there is a 5th Friday morning, it's FREE
* New policy requesting one day's notice with regard to attendance (please use our blog's comments section or group emails)

More to come, but there's a heads up for now! We hope this helps all INCH members and those considering joining us! Thank you!

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