Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun Friday!

What a lovely morning! We've had a nice tour at the Lebanon Valley Council on The Arts and learned more about what they offer (LOTS of cool classes and they're so open to ideas and on the lookout for so many NEAT things!) and a fun time at the library playing lots and lots of board games! Whoever says homeschooled kids don't get any socialization is SORELY misinformed:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lebanon Valley Council on The Arts

My apologies for not giving more notice on this (and I know we have several people out of town this weekend, but I also know that several families are attending tomorrow). Everyone is invited to join us for our art history class tomorrow (Friday, September 28th). Instead of a formal lesson, we're meeting across the street from the library at 10am -- the LVCA is hosting us and letting us know a bit more about their organization and classes and giving us a brief tour as well. Here is their website:

After that, we can either play at a playground (if it's not sopping wet) or we can meet in our reserved room at the Library and play board games and visit with one another. Either way, let's enjoy one another!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Headcount for Chemistry Class

It seems our INCH group is growing and that's very exciting!! As we're getting going with our classes and field trips, we're interested in getting an idea of who is attending Chemistry Class at Carrie's house (email for directions).

We meet weekly for INCH and twice a month our meetings are for chemistry class--see our calendar for class times. As part of our Chemistry class, we're also holding fun theme-type classes with younger kids (for INCH members and siblings of those taking the Chemistry Class) led by Jen. We're looking for a count of how many are coming--please respond to this post (in the comments) to let us know who's coming as that helps us know re: supplies, materials, etc. for both classes (chemistry and class for younger kids). Thanks!

Rounds Singing Parties

Come sing with us! No fee, no experience necessary, no audition or solos, just a desire to sing with a group of people who enjoy singing!

We sing rounds such as the timeless Row Row Row Your Boat as well as funny, sweet, and challenging rounds by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Purcell, and Haydn. Format is go-around so you are welcome to bring a round to teach, pick one out of the book, or pass on your turn. All ages welcome to sing and participate, and a sitter will be available for those young people who just want to play while their adults sing. We meet in Annville and sing for about two hours, with a snack break in the middle.

The next 2 Rounds Singing Parties are:

Friday October 12 at 7 pm
Saturday November 10 at 1 pm

Call Peggy for directions 867-4052

Pictures and Portfolios

Just a note that INCH members are welcome to copy pictures posted on our website from our outings and classes, etc. for portfolios if you so wish! Those who have pictures that they'd like to post, feel free to let me know as well!

Friday, September 21, 2007

A reminder

For those interested in keeping up with INCH, our activities, our classes, etc. You are always welcome to check our website. You can also subscribe by email and ANY time our website is updated, you will receive updates by email. We tend to update our site a handful of times every month. It's a great way to keep abreast of things!

Our Picnic Today!!

Wow! Wow wow wow! I am SO happy with our turnout! It has FAR exceeded our expectations and it was SUCH a wonderful picnic with so many great people!! We're so happy that so many have come and had such a good time with us all! We're thrilled! What a great exchange of information and friendship and fun!!

Here are some interesting stats and fun pictures:

13 Families/45 people (Keep in mind our usual is 6 Families/~20 people)

More than half the people there are NEW to INCH!

A good mix of teens, toddlers, babies, adults, etc.

Some considering homeschooling
Some about to start homeschooling
Some who have homeschooled for years
Some who have been homeschooled themselves
Some looking to find out more about INCH
Some looking to share information
Some looking to participate with us
Some looking for classes to join
Some looking for friends
SO MANY STORIES -- so much fun to get to know everyone!!

Everyone seemed to be connected to someone somehow. Six degrees of separation (or less!!) . . .

Everyone seemed to fit in so well--I guess that's partly because we're very open to all and that simple philosophical approach seems to invite, ironically enough, like-mindedness (in a very "open" kind of way). ;) If that makes sense. :P

Thank you, ALL, for such a lovely day at the park!! We've got to do these regularly!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Nutcracker!

The professional, adult ballerinas of the Donestk Ballet Company of the Republic of Ukraine will once again perform "The Nutcracker" in Lancaster Mennonite High School's Fine Arts Center, joined by the local Ballet Theater of Lancaster's company members (several homeschoolers are a part of this local ballet company). This performance of the famous ballet Christmas story, "The Nutcracker," will be held on Friday, November 30, 2007, at 9:45 a.m. for school groups.

The price of tickets is $8 a person (students & adults with them) for homeschool groups. This is a tremendous discount from the evening performance ticket prices for this production. The Ballet Theater of Lancaster is a non-profit organization that promotes the Arts in Central PA and is facilitating this full performance of "The Nutcracker" for school children.

Homeschoolers do not have to come in groups, but may attend as families or individuals. However, we are coordinating a group trip for this performance if you're interested--all area homeschoolers are welcome to join, INCH members or not. Many families have made seeing "The Nutcracker" an annual Christmas tradition--it's worth it!

Please R.S.V.P. to me (Stacy) by Oct. 5th if you're interested (the sooner we reserve, the better the seats!). Thank you!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Homeschooling Picnic THIS FRIDAY!!

Please feel free to pass this along to all your homeschooling mailing lists and friends! Thanks!

This is a reminder that we're having an INCH picnic this Friday, September 21st at 11am . We are meeting at Union Canal Park (the south entrance by the canal on 25th and Union Canal Drive--located at 25th & Union Canal Drive, Lebanon. 25th Street is behind the movies at the Lebanon Valley Mall off Route 422 OR Tunnel Hill Road off Route 72 north).

Please come and bring your family and friends. Pack a lunch and join us for friendship and fun. We have heard back from many in the community who are attending the picnic for various reasons--to find out more about INCH, meet area homeschoolers, and share information. ALL ARE WELCOME!! All ages. All religions. All curricula. All locations. All kinds of homeschoolers! This is a great opportunity for everyone to share information about our respective homeschool groups and co-ops with one another. Please share with us whatever you know about your own groups and co-ops as we share with you what we do as part of INCH! Consider our picnic an informational swap! :)

More information here:

See you Friday! :)

Pictures from our Field Trip to Harrisburg

What a fun time of year when kids get back to school and the world is our playground! We get museums and planetariums and historical sites all to ourselves. We have a great homeschool group--SUCH an impressive group of families! The kids have a blast together and we learn tons at our own pace--we love it!

This past week, we've enjoyed a lovely field trip to our GORGEOUS state capitol. It's one of the top 3 most visited capitols in the country. It is really magnificent--the pictures don't do it justice. And the kids ask such great questions!

We've enjoyed a great tour of the capitol (complete with pictures by our Senator's and Representative's photographers for souvenirs for us!), a scavenger hunt in the PA State Musuem (SO much fun!), a show at the planetarium (with another group of homeschoolers!), and a picnic lunch by the Susquehanna River. Very nice morning!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

September Field Trip

Wow! Thank you, Christy, for organizing our field trips! Here is a wealth of detailed and organized information from Christy (please remember to RSVP ASAP!!):

September 14

We will be touring the Pa State Capital, attending a planetarium show at the State Museum, and having lunch along the Susquehanna.

The drive to the first destination takes about 45 minutes. Allow 15 minutes to get from your car to the first tour.

You should leave Lebanon at about 7:45.

Arrive in Harrisburg by 8:30.

Be at the first tour by 8:45.

I think we should park in the Walnut St. Garage.

Here are my driving directions:

422 turns into 322 which turns into 83 south (Follow to Harrisburg Exits) Take 2nd St Exit Toward Capital.

From 2nd Street, turn right onto Market Street. (You’ll see a podium clock.)

From Market Street, proceed 1/2 block and turn left onto Court Street (Court Street is located between Hilton Harrisburg & Whitaker Center). Take ramp to the left, just before the second stop sign.

Parking rate is $7.00 for 5 hours. The rate doubles after 5 hours, so be mindful of your entrance time. Cars can be moved to save money if you intend to stay longer.

You can also follow the driving directions listed on the capital’s web site, but they are directing you to on-street parking. In my experience, it is very hard to find a spot during the workweek. Parking is metered, uses quarters, and about $1.50 per hour.

8:45 am to be at capital’s main entrance.

PA Sate Capital—FREE Tour begins at 9:00am. 1-800-868-7672

We will be taking a 30 minute guided tour of the State Capital Building in Harrisburg.

If available, we will be meeting with either Senator Mike Folmer or Representative Mauree Ginrich

Read their bios

Please Read Security Information! Sate Museum also says no backpacks.

Educational Information for Children

State Government-

PA House of Representatives

9:45 we will go to the PA State Museum-General Admission-Free

Planetarium-Cost is $2.00 for children and $3.50 for adults. One adult admission is waived for every ten-child admissions paid. Heritage Society Members get a one-dollar discount for adult admissions.

10:00 am Children Pre K-1 are scheduled for a planetarium show “Larry the Cat in Space” The show lasts about 30 minutes.

Play trailer-

The older children will do a scavenger hunt within the museum while waiting for their show to begin.

11:00 am Children 1-6 are scheduled for a planetarium show

Sky Quest 24 minutes

Play Trailer--

The younger children can do the scavenger hunt at this time.

Planetarium Rules

Late arrivals will not be admitted.

* Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

* Programs are not suitable for children under age 2.

* Out of consideration for the other audience members, we ask that

you leave the Planetarium chamber if a child becomes disruptive.

For more information call (717) 787-4980

If there are several of you who have very small children, and you would be interested in Curiosity Corner, I will inquire about the discounted group rate for admission. (Curiosity Corner group rate admission rate is $3.50 per child). Let me know and I will call to make reservations.

Please pack lunches for your children. I have tables reserved at the capital if it rains. If not, I would like to walk over to Front Street (about 2 blocks) and have lunch along the Susquehanna River. I will have some information about the river. You may want to bring a very small blanket or beach towel for your family, but there are benches, steps and grass to sit on. If anyone wants to walk across the bridge to City Island, we can do that too.

Educational Information for Children

State History-

State Symbols-

Regional Characteristics-

Please let me know ASAP how many adults and children will be going. We could arrange carpools for those who would like to split parking costs.