Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Picnic Today!!

Wow! Wow wow wow! I am SO happy with our turnout! It has FAR exceeded our expectations and it was SUCH a wonderful picnic with so many great people!! We're so happy that so many have come and had such a good time with us all! We're thrilled! What a great exchange of information and friendship and fun!!

Here are some interesting stats and fun pictures:

13 Families/45 people (Keep in mind our usual is 6 Families/~20 people)

More than half the people there are NEW to INCH!

A good mix of teens, toddlers, babies, adults, etc.

Some considering homeschooling
Some about to start homeschooling
Some who have homeschooled for years
Some who have been homeschooled themselves
Some looking to find out more about INCH
Some looking to share information
Some looking to participate with us
Some looking for classes to join
Some looking for friends
SO MANY STORIES -- so much fun to get to know everyone!!

Everyone seemed to be connected to someone somehow. Six degrees of separation (or less!!) . . .

Everyone seemed to fit in so well--I guess that's partly because we're very open to all and that simple philosophical approach seems to invite, ironically enough, like-mindedness (in a very "open" kind of way). ;) If that makes sense. :P

Thank you, ALL, for such a lovely day at the park!! We've got to do these regularly!!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! It looks like a beautiful park! Sorry we missed it--hopefully we'll catch up soon!


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