Friday, October 13, 2006


If you're like me, you've searched the web trying desperately to find local people in the area who, like you, choose to homeschool. You recognize that getting together in social and academic settings is important for your children and family. You're interested in cooperative classes and field trips and activities. You see the value of free play time with others. You enjoy getting to know others who feel the way you do about home education. You are looking for opportunities to foster friendships.

As our description states, we are an inclusive group. This means that all religions (or none at all), cultures, methods of learning, kinds of curriculum followed, political views, orientations, talents, ages, families, and learning abilities are welcome (unless you're a jerk). We strongly believe that an inclusive cooperative group helps us better appreciate and understand one another, thereby making us all better citizens and people.

Do you live in Lebanon, Annville, Cleona, Jonestown, Fredericksburg, Myerstown, Palmyra, Cornwall, Campbelltown, or anywhere else in our county? Are you just outside our county borders (Hershey, etc.) but still interested? Do you live in Lancaster, Reading, or Harrisburg and want to be associated with our group? We're inclusive--we don't discriminate by geography either! In fact, we have members from Lebanon County as well as every county surrounding it!

We formed INCH in 2006, and we are continuing to grow. We have a variety of classes, activities, clubs, field trips, outings, and anything else we can come up with together. We get together as parents to socialize and support each other. We love to get together!

We are a diverse group whose members choose to homeschool or cyberschool for many different reasons, including academic, philosophical, family, religious, personal, medical, and more. We strive to not only be accepting of one another but to take it a step further—we strive to view all members’ opinions from their perspective as well.

If you feel that our group is a good fit for you, please join us! Contact us at inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com (that is an anti-spam measure).

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