Monday, October 15, 2007

Law Exploring Post

Here is a copy of an email I've received and promised to pass on to you:

I am the Executive Director for the Lebanon County Bar Association. We are currently searching for interested teens and young adults who may be interested in learning about a possible career in the field of law. Attached you will find the press release, which recently appeared in the Lebanon Daily newspaper, explaining the program. Additional information is available to you should you have an interest. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience, as we will begin the program in November.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dena A. Woelfling

Executive Director

Lebanon County Bar Association

242 South 8th Street

Lebanon, PA 17042


Fax- 273-3211

Press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 11, 2007

The Lebanon County Bar Association is partnering with a national non-profit career exploration program called Exploring for students ages 14-20. (Students must have completed the 8th grade to join and can stay in the program up until their 21st birthday.) The purpose of this partnership is to expose local students to careers in Law to see if this is something they want to pursue as a career after graduation. The idea is for students to engage in hands on learning activities to discover what lawyers do every day. Other related careers will be covered as well, such as judge, paralegal, etc. Cost to students to join is $8.00 for the year, which includes liability insurance and supplemental accident insurance. Leaders are lawyers from Lebanon County who have been trained and have gone through background checks. This group is targeting students in Lebanon County, but students in this age range may join regardless of where they live and what school they attend.

Exploring has been shown to increase young people's self esteem and self-confidence. It helps students develop their character, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Students in this program have fun and make new friends, while learning valuable skills for their future.

Exploring is a national non-profit career exploration program, which is open to both young men and women. For general information about the Exploring Program contact Dena Woelfling, Executive Director, Lebanon County Bar Association at (717) 273-3113 or the national website at and click on Exploring.

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