Thursday, November 08, 2007

November Field Trip

Here's Christy's information for our November Field Trip:

Friday November 9th we will be touring Cornwall Furnace and the Humane

Cornwall Furnace
We will be meeting at Cornwall Furnace at 10:00 am. Please have your
children DRESS WARM and wear comfortable shoes. Don't forget that you
can use your Heritage Society membership, otherwise Adults are $4.00
and Children are $2.00. The tour lasts about 70 minutes. This includes
a 20 minute video.

The best supplemental information I've found is right on their web
site. We will be having a speaker who ties in with the history of the
furnace in January.

For Adults: Listed under additional reading is a book about the local
family, the Coleman's. Does anyone know how the Coleman family is
connected to former President Buchanan? It is a good historical tidbit
of gossip.

At this point I am planning to eat lunch at South Hills. If anyone is
concerned about the weather, I will make plans to eat lunch at Pizza
Hut. However, you must let me know, so I can call ahead.

Humane Society
There are no special instructions for the Humane Society. I will tell
the children about a co-worker of my husband's who volunteers for an
animal rescue organization. She did animal rescue in New Orleans after
There is some good information on their web site about animal control
and cruelty. Did you know they have a Thrift Shop and the proceeds
support the facility?

Cornwall Furnace Directions: 94 Rexmont Rd. 272-9711
Use this link to get directions. Use the main entrance to the grounds
and the facility. It is obvious.

Humane Society Directions: 150 N. Romona Rd, Myerstown 273-3300
Take 422 E. Turn Left onto N. Romona Rd.
You will see signs from 422.
The parking and entrance is obvious.

Please get back to me about lunch if necessary. Also a general head
count would be nice.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Art History -- Leonardo da Vinci

We're studying Leonardo da Vinci (all ages are welcome--Jenn is doing a younger kids' class in the storytime room for those who prefer that as well). We're starting with a brief lecture about the artist (with handout) and then doing a project. For our project, we're making our own Mona Lisas with pictures of ourselves! We're keeping it simple as far as "medium" goes--crayons rather than paints this week. We're bringing paper for everyone. Here's what to bring:

* Crayons
* Scissors
* A picture of yourself (anyone doing the project) -- basically, take a picture of yourself sitting in the same pose as Mona Lisa (see here: Make sure to sit like her and also smile your best "mysterious smile!" Upload your picture, print it, and bring it to class. Whatever size you have, we can work with it (I mean, it shouldn't be as big as a sheet of paper or poster, but something we can cut out and put on an 8 1/2 X 11 or half sheet of paper if smaller). Please let me know if you don't have a printer--we can always email it to someone who does (either color or black and white is fine).

Thanks! :)