Thursday, November 01, 2007

Art History -- Leonardo da Vinci

We're studying Leonardo da Vinci (all ages are welcome--Jenn is doing a younger kids' class in the storytime room for those who prefer that as well). We're starting with a brief lecture about the artist (with handout) and then doing a project. For our project, we're making our own Mona Lisas with pictures of ourselves! We're keeping it simple as far as "medium" goes--crayons rather than paints this week. We're bringing paper for everyone. Here's what to bring:

* Crayons
* Scissors
* A picture of yourself (anyone doing the project) -- basically, take a picture of yourself sitting in the same pose as Mona Lisa (see here: Make sure to sit like her and also smile your best "mysterious smile!" Upload your picture, print it, and bring it to class. Whatever size you have, we can work with it (I mean, it shouldn't be as big as a sheet of paper or poster, but something we can cut out and put on an 8 1/2 X 11 or half sheet of paper if smaller). Please let me know if you don't have a printer--we can always email it to someone who does (either color or black and white is fine).

Thanks! :)

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