Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Field Trip

Here are the notes on this month's field trip from Christy:

Field trip for Friday December 14

The theme of this field trip is generally about inventory. In this case we are talking about the grocery store and the library. Why do we have the items on the shelves that we do, and who chooses the stock. As I mentioned to many of the parents at the library last week, I would like the children to have a vague understanding of demagraphics--how the preferences of specific groups of people determine what will sell, and therfore what will be ordered and stocked.

I made the suggestion that you may want to start with a simple example like climate and how it drives local merchandising. For instance, pool supplies and shorts are sold year-round in Flordia, and winter coats are only sold in specialty stores. On the other hand, the opposite is true for northern states and even more-so in Canada. They sell things like snow tires and fur lined coats.

You may also want to talk about how culture influences the products that sell in a specific area. If there is a large concentration of 1st or 2nd generation spanish ansecestry, it is likey they may have a preference for native spanish cuisine. In San Diego, the spanish products were incorporated througout the entire grocery store, where as we have a few shelves of similiar products in our stores.

Of course, many preferences, qualities and characteristics determine what we buy. You could give the children examples of how age, gender, economic levels,and even edcational levels are studied by marketing research departments. Sometimes they actually do surveys and ask individuals about themselves. Sometimes they base their decision to stock a certain product based on previous purchases or buying trends, and sometimes they just guess. They simpley try a product in a given area to see if people will buy it. If they do, they add more to the inventory. If not, they may choose another area to test market. Eventually this information is passed onto advertisers, product developers and buyers.

10:00 am We will be meeting at the Giant Grocery Store in eastern Lebanon.
12:00-1:00 lunch at the Lebanon Community Library
Pack a lunch and we will eat in the community room.
1:00 pm We will have a presentation at the library about thier inventory, and where they get the money to buy the books they stock.We will also get information about their extended services.

As always, in both cases, there will be plenty of time after the completion of the children's presentation for the adults to ask questions. However, I will be leaving for Boston immediately after the last program, so I won't be able to stay. Could another parent please stay to make sure the room is put back in order?

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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