Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January Field Trip

Here is the information from Christy for our field trip this month:

On Friday, we will be visiting the
Lebanon Daily News (10:00-11:00), the Lebanon Post Office (11:00-12:00), lunch at the library (12:00-1:00) and then a presentation of the history of trains in Lebanon County at the library (1:00-1:45).

(Directions to the Daily News-Go East on Walnut---Turn Right onto 8th St. The Daily News is three blocks south on your left hand side.)

The Lebanon Daily News-There is no charge for this tour. We will get to talk to the journalists, and see the presses, so I think this tour will be self explanatory. (The Daily News is located four blocks south of the post office on 8th St.)

Post office-There is no cost for this tour. Parking is hard to find right in front of the post office’s main entrance on 8th St. You may need to park across the street on the Chestnut St. side of the building, or a block north on 8th St. We will meet just inside the main entrance about 10:55.

There is so much supplemental material to support this field trip. I recommend using the history of the post office to spark a discussion of American History. This is a nice link. Talk about the importance of communication and how dangerous it once was to simply get a message to someone. For instance, discuss the first transcontinental mail route that was delivered via Pony Express. They had to live through the elements, the terrain (Rockies), possibly unfriendly encounters (defensive Native Americans), not to mention the limited viability of the horse.

If you notice the official beginning of the postal service was in 1775. Of course, this was a year before the official beginning of the Revolutionary War. At first the only deliveries were between the government and armies. Think about how long it took to get important messages to people. Initially there were no addresses. They often used basic town and home descriptions—white house at the end of cobblestone lane--or they delivered to an artisan or general store within the town.

I read over the link above and I would concentrate on the links Postal Service begins—Ben Franklin being the first post master and his $1000 dollar annual salary.

Also read over Moving the Mail. If you don’t have time to read over all of this information, there is plenty of information to share if you just skim over the “Did You Know” boxes. For instance, we once delivered mail via camel in the US. Hugh.

Also you may want to talk to them about how the inflation of mail delivery, arguably, has been considerably well maintained over the years. Think about how you can write a letter, and for 36 cents it can be delivered anywhere within the continental US.

Lunch- Pack a lunch or plan to make a quick stop. We can eat at the library. (12:00-1:00)

Train history- Please contribute $5.00 per family. We will be having a presentation on the history of railroads in Lebanon County. This presenter is currently a college student at RACC. He made this presentation as an Eagle Scout project. The guides at Cornwall Furnace recommended this presenter to us, and said that it is a great supplement to the furnace tour.

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