Friday, February 08, 2008

Free Baseball Tickets!

It's that time of year again. Please share the info with others as you see fit--this is available to all homeschoolers.

The Lancaster Barnstormers has a really neat reading program where you read 4 books "outside the curriculum" over the next few weeks, sign your bookmarks to indicate as much, and let me know how many bookmarks you've completed (and therefore how many vouchers--for free baseball tickets--we need to order).

The game for homeschooled students is Thursday, May 29th. And if for any reason, you are unable to attend on the scheduled night, any and all unused ticket vouchers will be accepted on Monday, June 23rd.
Besides the free tickets, you also get the following:

* Students will be recognized on the field with a special parade
* School Spirit will be judged in a banner design contest (winning school gets an autograph party with Barnstormers players and Cylo--the mascot)

We've done this with friends (this past year) and it is GREAT fun. Minor League Baseball is really fun--lots of games, lots of giveaways. There is also a small playground right inside the park so you can play while you watch the game.

Anyway, if you're interested, please let me know so I have an idea of how many bookmarks to request. Please email me at and let me know how many bookmarks you'd like! Please note that I won't be replying to each email but will keep count and ask for extras as well.

Also, please mark on your calendars that you must let me know about your completed bookmarks by April 17th so that I can put in the order for tickets!


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