Saturday, February 16, 2008

T&D Cats Field Trip

Here is the information from Laura about our special discounted outing:

Well, we're on for T & D' S Cats of the World for Friday May 9th! I have us set to tour at noon, and plan to take a picnic lunch to eat at their covered picnic area before hand. I am planning to "pull out" here at 10:30 that should put us there at 11:30- giving 1/2 hour to eat our PB&J, and visit with the parrots in the outer zoo area.Here is the website link, there is tons of info there for families to access before hand ---
The group rate is....
Ages 3-12 is $4.00 (with the discount) and ages 13 and over $9.00 (with the discount), under 3 is free.

I cannot stress enough how much better this is than a zoo - you are truly close enough to count the whiskers on the tigers! About 2-3 feet away and they are seeking human contact, so they want to be near humans - unfortunately. The lemurs and ringtails alone entertain us for hours! they have an emus and deer feeding station where the girls love to collect the branching feathers of the emus -one quill two feather ends - very cool!

Here is yet more information from an earlier email:

We have a very special place we love, it is a big cat/tiger sanctuary near Williamsport - about 1 and 1/2 hours away- and it is so very wonderful. Ed worked with the MIL of the girl that gives the tours, Terry the owner is a terrific guy ex state police trooper, and he is just all about rescuing these lions and tigers (sadly now more animals) from bad situations, and giving them wonderful places to live. He now has quite a large collection of critters on a beautiful wooded estate. Lizzie's favorites are the Lemurs, someone bought them at an exotic pet auction thinking they would be cute house pets! They are in huge wonderful cages, and live in a family setting like in the wild, and you can get so close to them - they always are so entertaining.

Anyway, besides T & D's there are picnic facilities, as well as a yummy ice cream shop about a half hour away, this is a beautiful place, you are about two feet from the lions and tigers, and emus, and deer, and tons of other really neat critters.

I have done this for our field trip group before. The charge is minimal. We usually pick up something on the web site wish list to take along, this is a favorite activity for the girls to help them feel like they are involved in the rescue side, not just a zoo tour.

Anyone planning to attend is asked to email Laura at you!

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