Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

This Friday, April 18th, we are celebrating Earth Day as our Friday activity. We are meeting at Union Canal Park (behind the mall) at 10am and enjoying various "stations" of activities and fun and learning! Feel free to pack a lunch and stay and visit a while! The families of INCH are pitching in with some great activities--here are some of the activities we're doing:

* A Swap Table--Home schoolers can bring any books or clothing (no toys, please) in good condition. Fellow home schoolers can take what they want, and the rest will be donated to charity. The leftover books will be taken to the library and leftover clothing will be taken to the homeless shelter. Of course, this prolongs the inevitable landfill. Adults, if you have anything else you would like me to take to one of these charities, since I am going there anyway, I can also take your stuff. No furniture please. I will be bringing my husband's truck, so large bags are fine. If anyone has any boys summer clothing sizes 7/8, I have a family who is always in need. Could you let me choose a couple of pairs of shorts and T-shirts for them first? See you all Friday!

* Mini-"relay" (trash vs. recycle) -- learning what we can recycle and what is trash with a hands-on game

* Planting bean seeds in little cups and talking about how we can care for the earth

* We can decorate cloth bags to use when we shop at stores instead of the store's plastic bags. We would talk about where the plastic bags go & how bringing your own reusable bag saves the earth!

* Reading the book "The Lorax" and talking about what could have happend to give the book a happy ending...such as planting a tree for everyone they cut down, learning about the local ecosystem before going in and building the factories etc.

* Some nature games on animals or leaves that help us better appreciate nature and the earth

If anyone else has anything they'd like to contribute, please let us know--feel free to comment on this post or email us. If we need to bring anything for any of these activities, please also let us know that. If anyone knows of an area where we can do some litter clean up, that's great, too. Thanks, everyone! See you Friday -- we're having gorgeous weather!!

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