Thursday, June 26, 2008

Field Trip

Here is the info from Christy about this week's field trip:

Our field trip will be on Friday June 27th at 9:30 am. We will be taking a stream study class at the Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve in Kleinfeltersville. We will be getting in the water up to our knees, so make sure the children wear old shorts and shirts. They should also wear water shoes or old sneakers that they can get wet. Bring towels. You may want to bring an extra change of clothing just in case the children get muddy. Adults should plan to get into the water too.

Some families had questions about the age range for this class. The class itself is for kindergarten on up. All children participating in the class should understand that it is a learning experience, and not time to play in the water. Can smaller children go in the water? I asked a family who had taken this class with a different group, and she said there is an area close to the class area where the children can put their feet in. All children absolutely must be well supervised! There is only one staff member from the Game Commission giving this class. As always, if you have your hands full, I would be more than happy to take an older child to this field trip if you think it safest not to take your smaller children. Please just let me know. I can also help a school age child participate in the class if you need to go elsewhere with a small child. Small children can not play near the class.

The directions are a little complicated if you are not familiar with the Schaefferstown area. (From Lebanon) Take Walnut Street East to 5th Ave (897). Turn right and drive about 15 minutes into Schaefferstown. This will be a stop sign intersecting 897 and 419. You have to turn left or right. Turn left and follow through Schaefferstown to Kleinfeltersville. (419 turns back into 897) Follow signs to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area and then to the visitor's center. We will be meeting at the visitor's center at 9:30. Email if anyone would like to follow me there.
You can also call 733-1512 to get directions from other areas. I did not find specific directions on Map Quest. The address is 100 Museum Rd in Kleinfeltersville.

How to prepare: Nothing is specifically needed for this Friday, but you may want to start some continued discussion for the entire year of classes at Middle Creek. Logan and I used several books from the library to study aquatic life last year, and I will bring some of them on Friday. Hands-on was still absolutely the best. You may want to have your children start by exploring the photos on the State Game site.
&pgcNav=| You could also have your children start a scrapbook of wildlife pictures and captions. Maybe some of the pictures they could copy and paste from web sites, and some they could photograph themselves. For smaller children you may want to start a discussion about habitats and ecosystems. For older children you may want to discuss biomes. For older children, I love this site

Would anyone like to have a picnic lunch at Middle Creek?

Let me know if you are coming, and how many school aged children will be participating.

Please do not email Stacy with questions about the field trips. You should email me (mdeiner AT comcast DOT net).

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