Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Landis Valley Colonial Days Field Trip

From Christy:
As you all know, we will be going to Landis Valley Museum tomorrow. We were told that we don't need to schedule a specific time of arrival, but I called today to check when other groups may be coming. They said we may want to aim for 11:00 am to avoid some of the morning school groups. You can really go whenever you want, but if several of our families are going to show up at the same time 11:00 am would be the best time. Send me some feedback.

2451 Kissel Hill Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601-4809
For those of you who will be coming from yonder, basically just get yourself to 72 South and follow the above directions the rest of the way.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Brandywine Battlefield Field Trip Tomorrow

From Christy:

I was contacted by some people interested in going on the field trip to Brandywine Battlefield and The Wyeth Museum, so I will be going tomorrow. If you would like to go, please email me sometime today. If you are not interested in going tomorrow, you can easily reschedule a group meeting time that is more convenient for you. Actually, for this tour, there is really no particular benefit to going as a group for that matter. The only benefit would be if you were planning to schedule a class, and if you attend a class, you can not use your Heritage Pass for the cost of the class. You can not use your pass on special event days either.

See the Field Trip link to the right for more details.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parents' Night Out Tonight

A reminder that this Thursday is Parents' Night Out at 7pm at MJ's Coffeehouse in Annville! Come relax, visit, and share.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Middle Creek Studies

Here are directions and information from Christy about this Friday's class:

Our field trip will be on Friday September the 19th at 10:00 am. We will be learning about mammals at the Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve in Kleinfeltersville.

Let me know if you are coming, and how many school aged children will be participating. There is no charge for this class, but I would like to take up a collection. If everyone would please consider contributing a dollar or two per family, per class that would be appreciated. I won't pass around a hat or anything. Just find me and give me your contribution, and I will write a check for the amount I receive at the end of each class.

Some families had questions about the age range for this class. The class itself is for kindergarten on up. There is a play area for smaller children just outside the classroom. This is a family friendly environment.

The directions are a little complicated if you are not familiar with the Schaefferstown area. (From Lebanon) Take Walnut Street East to 5th Ave (897). Turn right and drive about 15 minutes into Schaefferstown. This will be a stop sign intersecting 897 and 419. You have to turn left or right. Turn left and follow through Schaefferstown to Kleinfeltersville. (419 turns back into 897) Follow signs to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area and then to the visitor's center. We will be meeting at the visitor's center at 9:50.

You can also call 733-1512 to get directions from other areas. I did not find specific directions on Map Quest. The address is 100 Museum Rd in Kleinfeltersville.

*Those of you coming from 81. Take the Lebanon exit, follow 72 South into Lebanon. 72 turns into 10th St. At the corner of 10th & Walnut you will see Tabor United Church of Christ on you left. Turn left onto Walnut St.-- Follow the above directions (From Lebanon). Email if you would like to meet me at the church and follow me the rest of the way.

How to prepare: Nothing is specifically needed for this Friday, but you may want to start some continued discussion for the entire year of classes at Middle Creek. You could look at the photos on the State Game site.
c=69867&pgcNav=| You could also have your children start a scrapbook of wildlife pictures and captions. Maybe some of the pictures they could copy and paste from web sites, and some they could photograph themselves. For smaller children you may want to start a discussion about habitats and ecosystems. For older children you may want to discuss biomes. For older children I also love this site

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Knitting Group

Knitting Group meets Monday from 1-3 at Lisa's house. Here is the information from Cristen:

We'll learn how to finger knit, casting on, the knit stitch, and casting off. If there's still time left we'll try the purl stitch too. I will bring wooden knitting needles for the kids to keep, and I will bring yarn for the kids to keep as well. Much of the yarn is synthetic (acrylic), so if anyone wants to buy their own cotton or wool yarn to bring that's fine. You can find it at Michael's, Wal-Mart, or any yarn shop or craft shop (like Martin's Craft Barn). Adults who want to knit need to bring their own needles and yarn.

Note from Stacy: If you are planning to come to this activity, we must know beforehand so we can make sure that there is room, make sure you know the safety guidelines for the farm so you can discuss them with your children, and make sure that we have enough supplies, so please email Cristen or the INCH email (if you're new) to let us know. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Group Games This Friday

We're meeting at the Annville Library this Friday for Group Games and INCHworms.

This month for academic games (meeting downstairs), Cristin and Mary have a number of math stations set up with all kinds of fun math activities:

*Some of the games will be board games like Equate, which is sort of like Scrabble except you're making equations. Many activities will be from the book Family Math. Here are some examples:

*Venn Diagram sign in- everyone can sign in on a big Venn Diagram based on whichever statements apply to them.

*Guess and Group- the child reaches into a container (of beans for instance) and pulls out however many she(or he) can hold. Before looking at her hand, she guesses how many she has. Then she actually counts how many are there and fills in a chart.

*Tangrams- I'll have photocopies of tangram puzzle pieces for the children to cut out. Then, there are many options for them to choose from. They can try to use their pieces to make a bird puzzle, or use their pieces to make different shapes (can you make a square using 2 tangram pieces? How about a rhombus?).

*Value of Words- Each letter is given a corresponding price (A=$1, B=$2, C=$3, etc.), then the children can figure out problems like, how much is your first name worth? Can you find a word worth exactly $50?

And more!

This month for cooperative games (meeting outside), Peggy and Terrie have a whole bunch of fun stuff to play including:

*Knots on a Rope

*Can you Guess Who I Am?

*Spices in the Pantry



And more!

Jenn and her crew will have all kinds of fun things ready for INCHworm fun! See you Friday!