Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Group Games This Friday

We're meeting at the Annville Library this Friday for Group Games and INCHworms.

This month for academic games (meeting downstairs), Cristin and Mary have a number of math stations set up with all kinds of fun math activities:

*Some of the games will be board games like Equate, which is sort of like Scrabble except you're making equations. Many activities will be from the book Family Math. Here are some examples:

*Venn Diagram sign in- everyone can sign in on a big Venn Diagram based on whichever statements apply to them.

*Guess and Group- the child reaches into a container (of beans for instance) and pulls out however many she(or he) can hold. Before looking at her hand, she guesses how many she has. Then she actually counts how many are there and fills in a chart.

*Tangrams- I'll have photocopies of tangram puzzle pieces for the children to cut out. Then, there are many options for them to choose from. They can try to use their pieces to make a bird puzzle, or use their pieces to make different shapes (can you make a square using 2 tangram pieces? How about a rhombus?).

*Value of Words- Each letter is given a corresponding price (A=$1, B=$2, C=$3, etc.), then the children can figure out problems like, how much is your first name worth? Can you find a word worth exactly $50?

And more!

This month for cooperative games (meeting outside), Peggy and Terrie have a whole bunch of fun stuff to play including:

*Knots on a Rope

*Can you Guess Who I Am?

*Spices in the Pantry



And more!

Jenn and her crew will have all kinds of fun things ready for INCHworm fun! See you Friday!

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