Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Play!

Please join us for the INCH Theater Group's production of


Join a good little witch who sets out to save Fairy Tale land with the help of the Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella. This a Fairy Tale Mystery that puts a new twist on some famous fables such as Humpty Dumpty, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wizard of Oz and Hansel and Gretel

September 12, 2009
Palmyra Recreation Center Stage


Author of script: D. M. Bocaz-Larson
Produced by special arrangement with

2009 - 2010 Schedule of Field Trips

Field Trips 2009/2010

Many thanks to Christy for organizing these field trips for us. And thanks, also, to Rebecca for coordinating field trips geared to younger children. More information will be forthcoming via emails from Christy and Rebecca several days before each field trip as necessary. If you haven't yet signed up with our INCH email group, please see the information on the "Contact Us" link.

***Please remember to check the INCH Calendar for the most up-to-date information on field trips.***

Children of all ages are welcome at all of our field trips (unless otherwise noted), but those listed in blue are geared toward older children while the trips listed in green are geared primarily toward younger children.


Refuse Center

Water Treatment Facility

September 25th

Beekeeper 10:00 am

A/C School 3:30 pm

Hershey Fire Station

Hershey Factory (actual factory, not Chocolate World)

October- October 23rd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

October 30th

Ned Smith Center and TBA

November 20th

Courtroom to view a trial (ages 9 and up)

January (Date TBA)

WLBR Radio Station
(evening tour)

January 22nd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

January 29th

Lebanon Rescue Mission 10:00 am

Lebanon VA Medical Center 1:00 pm

February 26th

Good Samaritan Hospital Dietary Department 10:00 am

March 26th

Tony's Mining Company Restaurant Tour 1:30 pm

April 23rd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

April 30th

K-9 Emergency Unit, Dr. Rill (Vet)

May 21st


Amish Farm

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 - 2010 Schedule of Classes and Groups

This information is from our yearly planning meeting -- the online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks.

Anything in red is still being worked out or volunteers are needed

Fridays are our main INCH days.
The (L) stands for Library Reserved.

Every month, we're offering varied classes in 3 areas of the library (parents' discretion as to where each of their children fits best) for the first 3 weeks of every month. We meet from 10-12 and please ask that parents help their children follow library rules with regard to not running, whispering, etc.

Community Room - Ages 8ish and up
Story Time Room - Babies and Toddlers and Preschoolers (INCHworms)
Round Tables in Library - Those In Between Those 2 Age Groups (Ages 5ish-7ish)

Most months, all children can meet together, but for some months where some content is geared toward the older children, someone will be at the tables with the middle group offering them age-appropriate classes and activities.

Kristie, Jenn, and Lisa have volunteered to care for INCHworms.
Community Room/Round Tables volunteers vary each month (noted below)

4th and 5th weeks are generally our Field Trip weeks.

For a fee ($10/child or $20/family), the YMCA is open for homeschoolers from 1-3 on Friday afternoons starting in October. The YMCA is right behind the Library.

Something is also in the works for a homeschoolers' discount at a local pizza place


September 4 - Park Days (Cleona Playground)

Sept. 11 - Park Days (Cleona Playground)

Sept. 18 - Field Trip (Refuse Authority and Water Treatment Facility) (Chirsty)
INCH Annual Picnic (South Hills Park)

Sept. 25 - Field Trip (A/C school, Bee Keeper, Hershey Fire Station, Actual Chocolate Factory) (Chirsty)

October - May: We have the Library Community Reserved most days

October - April: YMCA


October 2 (L) - Mock Trial Class by Rebecca/Round Tables - Stacy
YMCA (YMCA starts this day)

Oct. 9 (L) - Mock Trial Class by Rebecca/Round Tables - Stacy

Oct. 16 - Mock Trial Class by Rebecca/Round Tables - Stacy

Oct. 23 - Field Trip geared toward younger kids (but all are welcome) TBA (Rebecca)


Oct. 30 - Field Trip to Ned Smith Center and TBA (Christy)

November 6 (L) - Mock Trial Class by Rebecca/Round Tables - Stacy

Nov. 13 (L) - Mock Trial Class by Rebecca/Round Tables - Stacy

Nov. 20 (L) - Field Trip to see actual trial in courtroom for ages 9 and up (Christy)

Round Table Group to meet in Community Room that day (Stacy)



December 4 (L) - Holiday Crafts and Activities (Cristin and Jaclyn)


Dec. 11 (L) - Holiday Crafts and Activities (Cristin and Jaclyn)

Dec. 18 (L) - Holiday Party (all children together)



January 1, 2010 (NEW YEAR’S DAY)

Jan. 8 (L) - Board Games

Jan. 15 (L) - Board Games
(This is also the week of the Farm Show and Wednesday is usually the best day to attend)


Jan. 22 - Field Trip geared toward younger kids (but all are welcome) TBA (Rebecca)

Jan. 29 - Field Trip (Lebanon Rescue Mission and V.A. Medical Center) (Christy)

There will also be a nighttime field trip to WLBR sometime this month --it has to be an evening field trip, so more information to follow. (Christy)

We'd like to have some sort of intellectual outing or lecture for the adults this month -- does anyone have any suggestions? Rebecca, might Josh be available?


February 5 (L) - Dissection Class (Mark)/Round Tables (Rebecca)

Feb. 12 (L) - Dissection Class (Mark)/Round Tables (Rebecca)

Feb 19 (L) - Dissection Class (Mark)/Round Tables (Rebecca)

Feb. 26 - Field Trip (GSH Dietary)


March 5 (L) - Geography Bee (Christy)/Round Tables (Jaclyn)


Mar. 12 (L) - Presentation on Japan (Mark) and Preparation for Country Reports (Becks)

Mar. 19 (L) - International Fair with Reports, Presentations, and Food (Becks)

Mar. 26 - Field Trip (Tony's Mining Company - Restaurant Tour)


April 2 (L) - Poetry Slam (Jenn Moore)

Apr. 9 (L) - Music (Peggy)

Apr. 16 (L) - Art Gallery (Cristin)

Apr. 23 - Field Trip geared toward younger kids (but all are welcome) TBA (Rebecca)

Apr. 30 - Field Trip (K-9 Emergency Unit) (Christy)


May 7 (L) - Intro to Science Fair/Brainstorming (Mark)

May 14 (L) - Science Fair Group Work/Research (Mark)

May 21 (L) - Field Trip (Wheatland/Amish Farm)

May 28 (Location TBA) - Science Fair (Mark)

June – September 2010 - PARK DAYS


INCH Picnic - September 18th

Earth Day - April 22nd (More information closer to the date)

Olympics Day - During a June Park Day (More information closer to the date)

PNOs (Parents Nights Out) will be held at MJ's coffeehouse in Annville on the 2nd Tuesday night of every month (during kids' book club) from 6:30 to 9pm unless otherwise noted.

We are also looking for opportunities for various intellectual outings/lectures for adults.

And if anyone ever wants to go to a movie or event, simply email the group and you're sure to have others join you.

Extra Curricular Groups (Non-Fridays):

Art Classes - 1st and 3rd Mondays at the Lebanon Library unless otherwise noted (see calendar)

Taught by an art teacher in our community
$5 per class per child -- You can sign up for one or two classes/month
(Contact Christy for more information)

Book Club - 2nd Tuesday night of every month from 6:30-9 at Christy's house
Newbery Award Winning Novels

For readers ages 8 and up (approximately--contact Christy if you have any questions)

Knitting Club/LEGO club - 3rd Monday from 1-3 at the Brummett Farm
Knitting classes taught by Cristin

Lego Club - looking for an additional monthly evening club time as well

Theater Club - To be offered again in the Spring by James Waldron

Chess Club - TBA

Sewing Club - Melanie has something in the works TBA

Board Game Night and Movie Night - Any time that anyone would like to host one of these, simply email the group and you'll have an instant party

Newspaper Club - 1st Friday of every month at 9:30 (half hour meeting before classes start at 10) at the Library Round Tables
Rebecca will facilitate the group - children will work out their own assignments (book and movie reviews, field trip recaps, etc.)
Children will email their writing to Francina who will help them with grammar, writing, editing
Francina will email Mike Deiner all the children's work and he will print up monthly newspapers for everyone and the library will also distribute it

Soccer - Mark will continue to offer this now and then on Park Days

Writer’s Group - TBA (Cristin)

Cooking Club - TBA (Christy is looking into options)

Government Club - TBA (Shawn)

Puzzle Solving -- TBA (Bobbi)

Band - TBA (Good possibility of Band class offered through a teacher in the community in the Spring)

Crochet/Needlework/Craft Circle - Bobbi had mentioned possibly hosting/offering/mentoring this activity TBA

Open Mic Night - If anyone is interested in hosting this as an opportunity for kids to share music, poems, reports, and the like, there are children interested

Also, there are kids interested in: Making a movie (writing, filming, editing) Track and Field type races

SNOW POLICY - Check your email on days it snows. Generally, if it snows, we're not having INCH (most of us dislike driving in the white stuff). We try to send out an email an hour to 2 hours before INCH activities. Also, sometimes the library closes if schools close on snow days.

Lazer Factory - We have the opportunity to raise money for ourselves at the Lazer Factory. Generally, 15 minutes of play time costs $8/person. However, on Tuesday nights, we can reserve the place for ourselves and we can pre-sell tickets for $10 each for 3 hours of unlimited play time. We then get $5 back for every ticket sold. We could use the proceeds to do a fun INCH outing or defray other costs for our group or as a fundraiser, etc. And bonus, fun night for us!

I love all of Cristin's ideas that she emailed out -- the updated phone/email list (I think it would be good to list who's in charge of what, too, so newbies know who to contact with questions), the yearbook/scrapbook idea, membership badges for us to get discounts at stores -- any volunteers to help coordinate this?

Christy is also looking at coordinating another INCH overnight camping trip to the PA Grand Canyon next August but would have to know of interest in the next few weeks in order to reserve it, so please contact her if you're interested.

Also, our family is contacting the library about helping out/volunteering/doing service on 4 mornings over the next year--we're interested in going in early on some of our INCH days in September, October, April, and May to help clean books or whatever hands-on tasks they have for us for about an hour or so before our classes start. If anyone is interested in joining us, that would be great. Please keep in mind that the library is hurting financially and really appreciates the help. Also, they are allowing us to use their rooms free of charge as a support to us as homeschoolers--technically, we should be paying $20 each Friday that we are there, but they do not charge us. They are very good to us. Thanks!