Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 - 2010 Schedule of Field Trips

Field Trips 2009/2010

Many thanks to Christy for organizing these field trips for us. And thanks, also, to Rebecca for coordinating field trips geared to younger children. More information will be forthcoming via emails from Christy and Rebecca several days before each field trip as necessary. If you haven't yet signed up with our INCH email group, please see the information on the "Contact Us" link.

***Please remember to check the INCH Calendar for the most up-to-date information on field trips.***

Children of all ages are welcome at all of our field trips (unless otherwise noted), but those listed in blue are geared toward older children while the trips listed in green are geared primarily toward younger children.


Refuse Center

Water Treatment Facility

September 25th

Beekeeper 10:00 am

A/C School 3:30 pm

Hershey Fire Station

Hershey Factory (actual factory, not Chocolate World)

October- October 23rd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

October 30th

Ned Smith Center and TBA

November 20th

Courtroom to view a trial (ages 9 and up)

January (Date TBA)

WLBR Radio Station
(evening tour)

January 22nd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

January 29th

Lebanon Rescue Mission 10:00 am

Lebanon VA Medical Center 1:00 pm

February 26th

Good Samaritan Hospital Dietary Department 10:00 am

March 26th

Tony's Mining Company Restaurant Tour 1:30 pm

April 23rd

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

April 30th

K-9 Emergency Unit, Dr. Rill (Vet)

May 21st


Amish Farm


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