Monday, September 20, 2010

INCH Group Picture

Thanks to Bethany for these pictures!

Several families were missing for the picture,
but here is the most recent group picture of our awesome INCH kids!!

And, of course, the obligatory "silly face" picture . . .

We love Park Days!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

YMCA Fridays

Our classes and groups have been announced -- please click on those 2010-2011 links on the right hand side and see what fun things we're doing! ------------------------->

Remember that our official INCH time is on Friday mornings from 10-12. We are allowed to eat lunch at the library and then right next door is the YMCA, which is handy because . . .

YMCA Homeschool Fridays from 1-3 are BACK by EXTREMELY popular demand! Here is some information:

Homeschool Fridays at the Lebanon YMCA

This activity program for children ages 5-17
is held on
Fridays from 1-3pm
from October through April.

Beginning Oct. 1st, each Friday from 1-3pm, the YMCA will offer swimming for the first hour and facilitated athletic activities for the second hour.
It's a perfect way to keep the kids active over the winter!

The cost is a great deal, too!
It is $15/child/month or $25/family/month.
Members are free.

If you will only be taking one or two children under the age of 16, it is less expensive to purchase a monthly membership for them. ($10.25/month). The cost is automatically deducted from your checking account each month, and you can start and stop the membership at any time. If you have a monthly membership, the children can use the YMCA facilities throughout the week as well. The YMCA also offers subsidized family memberships for those who qualify.
For more information about memberships:

You must register through the YMCA.
You can call 273-2691 to register.

Everyone really enjoys this experience! The children have free swim from 1-2pm and then scheduled sports activities from 2-3pm. The sports activities have included basketball, soccer, kickball, field hockey, and gymnastics. The college kids that facilitate the programs are great and the kids really enjoy them! The children who don't wish to swim or participate in sports activities are welcome to play in the youth room.

Families with small children seem to be comfortable with their options. They either play with their younger children somewhere on the premises, or they send their older children with another attending family.

Friday, September 17, 2010

INCH Kick-Off Picnic

Come kick off our ***FIFTH*** year as a group!! :)

I.N.C.H. Kick-Off Picnic

September 17, 2010


(Please email for more details).

Bring something to share as well as a camera for a group picture!

See you then! :)

2010-2011 Schedule of Classes and Groups

This information is from an email about our yearly planning meeting and calendar -- the online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks.

Hello INCHers!

Thanks to everyone for taking the survey, emailing suggesting, and helping to brainstorm all summer at the Park!

We're in the process of updating both our blog and our online calendar with all of this information -- (there is a link to the calendar on menu on the right-hand side and if you use Google Calendars, which many of us do, you simply click the "+Google Calendar" button on the bottom right-hand corner and the INCH calendar will automatically merge into yours and you'll have all INCH field trips and activities immediately at your fingertips -- even as they're updated!)

I'm putting a quick run-down in this email of our classes for the year (and hopefully I'm not forgetting anything! Please chime in if I've missed something.) -- most are held at the Lebanon Library on Fridays from 10-12, but a few classes will be held in other locations (due to size/availability) and those are indicated. The library is allowing us to each lunch in the community room again from 12-1, which is VERY handy since the YMCA (Oct.-Apr.) is right next door and our YMCA time is from 1-3.

Lisa B. and Laura S. have volunteered with help with the INCHworms (the littlest bunch). Others have volunteered to help them.

We will also be volunteering with the library 4 times a year again by meeting at the library an hour earlier on 4 of our INCH Fridays -- dates TBA.

We are continuing our format of one mini-class/month (3 weeks) plus one field trip/month. When there is a 5th Friday (Oct. 29th and Apr. 29th), there is a field trip geared toward younger kids. As always, more details about each class will be emailed to the group by the class's facilitator before each class begins.


September 3 – Park Days

Sept. 10 – Park Days

Sept. 17 – Park Days/PICNIC

Sept. 24 – Field Trip

October 1 - Astronomy (taught by Mark F.)

Oct. 8 - Astronomy

Oct. 15 - Astronomy

Oct. 22 - Field Trip

Oct. 29 (FIFTH FRIDAY) - Kristie W. is coordinating a fall field trip geared toward younger kids (though all are welcome)

(In October -- all the kids will meet together for the first 20-30 minutes of class and then the younger kids will meet at the tables with Melanie G. for age-appropriate crafts related to the topic while the older kids continue with the lecture/class. On the 8th, there will be a puppet show at the library at 10:30 that the younger kids can attend -- it is put on by the Polka Dot Theater Company and their topic will be about "Vision Awareness Week." Mark will also have one evening in October where we set up multiple telescopes and check out the night sky!).

November 5 - Cultural Studies (Looking for a volunteer to do this)

Nov. 12 - Cultural Studies

Nov. 19 - Cultural Studies*


(This will be the same format as this past year's class/presentations).

*Held at Palmyra Rec Center for the bigger space for presentations/food.

December 3 - TBA (we're looking for someone to coordinate crafts of some sort)

Dec. 10 - TBA (we're looking for someone to coordinate crafts of some sort)

Dec. 17 - Holiday Party/Gift and Cookie Exchange (Kristie W.)


Dec. 31 (NEW YEAR’S EVE)

(January is our "Month of Fun" - that got A LOT of votes on the survey. Basically, we'll seek out group rates and discounts at various places that are simply FUN.) Depending on cost (we're trying to keep it to $5 or under/person/activity) and availability, the order of the weeks might change a bit.) Obviously, these will be held on location.

January 7 - Bowling (Michelle S.)

Jan. 14 - Lazer Tag (Stacy F.)

Jan. 21 - S.P.L.A.T. Studio (Kristie W.)

Jan. 28 – Field Trip

February 4 - Life Skills (Bethany C.)

Feb. 11 - Life Skills

Feb 18 - Life Skills

Feb. 25 – Field Trip

(For an idea of this class, here is part of Bethany's thought process - it's going to be a great class! . . . Maybe spend a month where they "invest" with a company and follow their stocks for a month and see how their "money" would have grown. Or teach them about how credit, debit, and checking and savings accounts work. Maybe set up a scenario where they are 18 and on their own. Find out what the cost of an apartment would be, the cost of food, gas, insurance, a car if they want one, etc. so that they can get an idea of how much things costs and what they would need to earn to pay for everything.)

March 4 - Science Fair (Mark F.)

Mar. 11 – Field Trip

Mar. 18 - Science Fair

Mar. 25 - Science Fair*

(This will be the same format as this past year's class/presentations).

* Hopefully this will be held at Palmyra Rec Center for the bigger space for presentations - we can't reserve until in January, so more to follow on that. Melanie G. is looking into it.

April 1 - Poetry Slam (Kristie W.)

Apr. 8 - Music Week (Peggy B.)

Apr. 15 - Art Gallery (Stacy F.)

Apr. 22 – Field Trip

Apr. 29 (FIFTH FRIDAY) - Rebecca G. is coordinating a spring field trip geared toward younger kids, possibly to the Sturgis Pretzel Factory (again, all are welcome)

(April is another repeat month from this past year -- back by popular demand. It is our Fine Arts Month. Locations TBA since the library isn't available to us for the 8th or the 15th due to their annual auction/fundraiser for the children's library. Depending on weather, we might be able to be outside for some of them. We'll likely be at the Palmrya Rec. Center again -- Melanie will keep us updated).

May 6 - PA history (Kristie W.)

May 13 - PA history

May 20 - PA history

May 27 – Field Trip

(This will be the a similar format to cultural studies and science fair with prep/presentations). Bethany will help with INCHworms this month since Kristie will be facilitating the PA History month.

June – September 2011

Park Days (May – Park Afternoons)


We have several extra-curricular groups set up and/or being organized, including 2 book clubs (for varying ages), hopefully a newspaper club again, a knitting/sewing/service group head up by the Cincotta boys), art classes (in process of being set up -- more information to follow), Lego club, as well as some now-and-again one-time activities like movie nights, game nights, Halloween Party (Goodens), Yu-Gi-Oh duels, American Girl nights, Open Mic nights (for public speaking and sharing - Stacy F.), younger kid activities (Flat Stanley-Stacy F.), music performance nights (Peggy B.), May Day (Peggy B.), writing groups, cat club (Sophia), mythology club (Cristin/Alexander) . . . if anyone (adults and/or children) want to plan/host any groups, just GO FOR IT!! :) It's exciting to see more of these groups being led by the kids!

For the adults, we will also continue to have PNO (Parents' Night Out) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at MJ's as well as our "Breakfast Club" and intellectual outings now and again.

Very much looking forward to this year of classes and activities!

Thanks, everyone, for contributing and helping to make INCH such a wonderful group!!!!!!!

Stacy :)

2010 - 2011 Schedule of Field Trips

Field Trips 2010/2011

Many thanks to Christy for organizing these field trips for us. And thanks, also, to Kristie and Rebecca for coordinating field trips geared to younger children. More information will be forthcoming via emails from Christy, Kristie and Rebecca several days before each field trip as necessary. If you haven't yet signed up with our INCH email group, please see the information on the "Contact Us" link.

***Please remember to check the INCH Calendar for the most up-to-date information on field trips.***

Children of all ages are welcome at all of our field trips (unless otherwise noted), but those listed in blue are geared toward older children while the trips listed in green are geared primarily toward younger children.


Ellis Island and Liberty Island, 10:00 am

October 22nd

Hopewell Furnace, 9:30 am

October 29th

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

November 9th (TUESDAY)

National Watch and Clock Museum, 10:00 am

January 28th

State Police Academy and K9 Unit, 10:00 am

February 25th

Antique Auto Museum, 10:00 am

March 11th

Jury Trial (older students), 8:00 am
Marty's Music Store (younger students), 10:00 am

April 22nd

COLT Bus, 9:30 am

April 29th

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

May 27th

Recycle America (ages 10 and up only), 10:00 am
Bluett Bros. Violins (ages 10 and up only), 10:00am

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stay Tuned

Our 2010-2011 calendar of classes and clubs will be coming soon . . .

let us know if you'd like to be on our email list.

Just drop an email to inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com.

We'll be planning soon!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

We love Homeschool Days at the YMCA!

Everyone has really enjoyed our past year at the YMCA
enjoying pool and gym time with our homeschool friends!
Thank you, YMCA!!

The group with Miss Kathryn

The group with David ("Big Fish")