Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 - 2011 Schedule of Field Trips

Field Trips 2010/2011

Many thanks to Christy for organizing these field trips for us. And thanks, also, to Kristie and Rebecca for coordinating field trips geared to younger children. More information will be forthcoming via emails from Christy, Kristie and Rebecca several days before each field trip as necessary. If you haven't yet signed up with our INCH email group, please see the information on the "Contact Us" link.

***Please remember to check the INCH Calendar for the most up-to-date information on field trips.***

Children of all ages are welcome at all of our field trips (unless otherwise noted), but those listed in blue are geared toward older children while the trips listed in green are geared primarily toward younger children.


Ellis Island and Liberty Island, 10:00 am

October 22nd

Hopewell Furnace, 9:30 am

October 29th

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

November 9th (TUESDAY)

National Watch and Clock Museum, 10:00 am

January 28th

State Police Academy and K9 Unit, 10:00 am

February 25th

Antique Auto Museum, 10:00 am

March 11th

Jury Trial (older students), 8:00 am
Marty's Music Store (younger students), 10:00 am

April 22nd

COLT Bus, 9:30 am

April 29th

Field Trip geared toward younger children (TBA)

May 27th

Recycle America (ages 10 and up only), 10:00 am
Bluett Bros. Violins (ages 10 and up only), 10:00am

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