Saturday, September 18, 2010

YMCA Fridays

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Remember that our official INCH time is on Friday mornings from 10-12. We are allowed to eat lunch at the library and then right next door is the YMCA, which is handy because . . .

YMCA Homeschool Fridays from 1-3 are BACK by EXTREMELY popular demand! Here is some information:

Homeschool Fridays at the Lebanon YMCA

This activity program for children ages 5-17
is held on
Fridays from 1-3pm
from October through April.

Beginning Oct. 1st, each Friday from 1-3pm, the YMCA will offer swimming for the first hour and facilitated athletic activities for the second hour.
It's a perfect way to keep the kids active over the winter!

The cost is a great deal, too!
It is $15/child/month or $25/family/month.
Members are free.

If you will only be taking one or two children under the age of 16, it is less expensive to purchase a monthly membership for them. ($10.25/month). The cost is automatically deducted from your checking account each month, and you can start and stop the membership at any time. If you have a monthly membership, the children can use the YMCA facilities throughout the week as well. The YMCA also offers subsidized family memberships for those who qualify.
For more information about memberships:

You must register through the YMCA.
You can call 273-2691 to register.

Everyone really enjoys this experience! The children have free swim from 1-2pm and then scheduled sports activities from 2-3pm. The sports activities have included basketball, soccer, kickball, field hockey, and gymnastics. The college kids that facilitate the programs are great and the kids really enjoy them! The children who don't wish to swim or participate in sports activities are welcome to play in the youth room.

Families with small children seem to be comfortable with their options. They either play with their younger children somewhere on the premises, or they send their older children with another attending family.

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