Sunday, March 06, 2011

Science Fair Information

Here is information on our science month. You can get on the I.N.C.H. email list to receive information about times and places for each week. Please email inchoflebanoncounty AT gmail DOT com and specifically ask to be added to the email list to receive updates on our activities.

March 4
We will meet together and discuss scientific experiments and research, including the scientific method.

March 11, Field trips (***Please note as this is not the usual week for field trips)

March 18
This is a week for children to come and do any research they need to do. Also, if there are groups doing projects together this would be a great time to come together to coordinate details of their projects. 

March 25
This is our actual Science Fair. Children should be ready to display the results of their projects as well as make a brief presentation about what they researched during the month. Feel free to invite friends and family with whom your children would like to share their projects.

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