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2013-2014 Schedule of Classes, Groups, and Activities

This information came from our annual planning meeting, open to all adult members of INCH.
The online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks!

Keep reading to learn about the MANY activities, clubs, field trips, events, classes, etc. we’ll be enjoying this year!!

Regularly-Scheduled Activities & Clubs: 

INCH Fridays - INCH families meet weekly on Friday afternoons year round for social/activity time. May through September, we meet for Park Days. October through April, we meet an indoor location (such as the YMCA). We are in the process of figuring out our winter plans for this upcoming year.

In addition to INCH Fridays, these are many activities that meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Details, including times and dates and location, will come directly from the coordinator of each activity. Many of them are popular activities that we have done in past years, and some are new for this year. Anyone in the group is welcome to plan anything at anytime – all we ask is that you never schedule an activity at a time when another INCH activity is already meeting.

  • 20 Things Club (Monthly, Ages 10+): Coordinator: Stacy F.
  • Book Club (Monthly, Ages 9-12) - Coordinator: Mark F.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon Club (Monthly) - Coordinator: Max F.
  • Art Class with Miss Jenny (twice monthly, ages 5+) - Coordinator: Desiree H.
  • Younger Kids’ Playgroup - Coordinator: Sherri B.
  • Younger Kids’ Card Club (Monthly, Ages 6-10) - Coordinator: Brennan J.
  • Theater Group  - Coordinator: Jake W.
  • Book Club (Ages 6-9) - Coordinators: Jenn M. & Sherri B.
  • Scholastic Book Orders - Coordinator: Jenn M.
  • Nature Club (all ages) - Coordinator: Sherri B.
  • Cooking Lessons (Ages 10+) - Coordinator Dave J.
  • Knitting Club - Coordinator: Cristin E.
  • Service Activities – Coordinator: Kadie B.
  • Yearbook Club – Coordinator: Chris B.

Annual Activities:

In addition to our regular activities, we have a few annual INCH activities.

  • End-of -Summer Potluck (September 27th) - Coordinator: Kadie B.
  • Holiday Party - Coordinators: Kadie B. and Becci S.
  • May Day - Coordinator TBA (volunteer appreciated).

Other Activities 

Here is a list of activities that we have done in the past, but not necessarily annually. If there is an activity that you would like to plan, feel free to run with it. Please remember that kids can plan/lead activities as well – in fact, it is encouraged! There are some activities that INCH members have already agreed to plan (names are listed in parentheses), as well as others that anyone can feel free to plan if they’d like. As always, if you have an idea for an activity that is not on our list, you are also welcome to plan it.

  • Cleona Borough Fall Festival (Kadie B.)
  • Food Bank Food and Clothing Drive (Kadie B.)
  • Bowling
  • Music Days
  • Science Fair (Anna R.)
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Classes at Middle Creek
  • Trunk or Treat (Kadie B.)
  • Spring Dance
  • Laser Tag 
  • Christmas Village
  • Mini Golf
  • Book-it Pizza Outings
  • Barnstormer Reading Program (Sherri B.)
  • Afternoons with Shakespeare (Stacy F.)
  • Teen Nights
  • Shakespeare at the Gamut (Mark F.)
  • LARP
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Art Activities (Caryl N.)
  • D&D

Field Trips

People plan field trips throughout the year. We already have a number of field trips in the works, but like I've said, feel free to plan any outings you would like.

  • Milton Hershey School, Founders Hall, (Jessica H.)
  • Apple Orchard (Aubrey S.)
  • Farm Visit (Kadie B.)
  • Fire Station (Aubrey S.)
  • Grocery Store Tour (Aubrey S.)
  • Hershey Chocolate World/Trolley Ride (Aubrey S.)
  • Lake Tobias (Kadie B.)
  • Whitaker Center
  • Landis Valley Homeschool Days
  • North Museum
  • Wolf Sanctuary (Sherri B.)
  • Baltimore Aquarium (Kadie B.)
  • Crayola Factory (Jenn M.)
  • Art Musuem

Annual Overnight Trip May 2014: Boston, MA

This past year we organized a group trip to Colonial Williamsburg, which also included excursions to Jamestown Settlement, Monticello, and other local sites. It was a big success. This year we are planning a trip to Boston, MA. As with our previous trip, travel arrangements including transportation, lodging, and food, are up to each individual family to plan. Not only will this make things less complicated, this will allow everyone to plan a trip that works well for their own travel styles and budgets, whether it be a hotel, camping, a vacation home, staying with relatives, or whatever.

We will have fundraising opportunities to help make the trip more affordable for as many families as possible. Each family that is going on the trip is welcome to plan one fundraiser in which we can all participate. Any family that plans a fundraiser will share in the proceeds of all fundraisers. If your family would prefer not to fund-raise and would rather just pay for the trip outright, that is okay. Just be sure to let us know so we can know what to expect. These fundraisers are not only a good way to help defray the costs of the trip but they are also additional activities where our children can get together and enjoy a good time. Some ideas so far include a car wash, bake sale, laser tag night, roller skate night, raffle, sandwich sales, and restaurant fundraisers.

We will have a planning meeting to discuss our tentative itinerary, and then we will have a firm RSVP date of October 31st (saying that you are committed) so that we can do more detailed planning. Once we have a list of those attending, we will get together to hammer out the final details. We're really excited about this and it's a real indicator of how much INCH has grown as a group!

An email will be going out soon with more details about this trip.

Parent Activities

While one of the primary reasons we formed INCH is to provide opportunities for group learning and socialization, another wonderful benefit is the opportunity for parents to come together, learn, and support one another. Our parent activities happen throughout the year.

  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Round Robin Discussion Nights
  • Dads' Dungeon & Dragons (Mark F.) (This activity is full, but interested dads can be placed on a waiting list)
  • Dads' Activity Nights (Mark F.)
  • Academic Article/Book Club (Peggy B.)
  • Moms’ Birthday Dinner Club (Kristie W.)
  • Portfolio Workshop (Lisa B.)

We're all looking forward to a great year! Thanks to all who work so hard to make INCH such a great, close-knit group of families!

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