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Membership Agreement

INCH Guidelines and Participation Agreement

Membership Requirements

INCH has two basic requirements for formal membership. They are:
  • A small yearly fee. For the 2016-2017 year, the fee is $25 per family due no later than March 10/September 10 respecively. This is to cover administrative costs.There will be no refunds or exceptions.
  • Adult participation in planning or helping execute at least one event during the 12-month INCH cycle.
Membership in INCH entitles you to access to the INCH email list, member directory, and calendar of events. Multiple email addresses for each family may be added to the list if desired for no additional cost.

A planning meeting is held annually, and all adult members of INCH families are welcome to attend in order to help plan the year's classes, events and trips. INCH members are encouraged to add and conduct events throughout the year as well; please contact the calendar coordinator about adding them to the calendar.

INCH is a private, member-only group. Only people in INCH can attend our classes and activities on a regular basis. Classes and activities are not open to those outside of INCH (people on the waiting list,however, can come once or twice to check out the group). Occasionally, a one-off activity or field trip may require a minimum number of participants in order to be scheduled or receive a group discount. In these cases, where minimum numbers are dictated by an outside venue, and there are not enough participants from within the INCH group itself, outsiders may be invited after receiving Admin approval.In these cases, those approved outside invites must be announced clearly to INCH via email so that members can be informed and make decisions accordingly.

Information Sources

There are two primary methods of information distribution:
  • The web site (with private calendar)
  • The email list 
Please note that we do NOT use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as an official means of communication for the group.

Although general information about the group will be available publicly, individual and specific information will be available ONLY TO MEMBERS on other parts of the site.

The administrator will never sell your personal information. Any information that you choose to share (for a directory of group members, for example) is opt-in only, and your contact information won't be published without your permission. Please use your best judgment about when and how you share your contact details.

Email: Access, Use and Etiquette

Access to the email list is part of INCH membership. Names will be added to the list during two sign-up periods in September and March. To be included on the email list, payment must be received by September 15 and March 15 respectively. Those who wish to join the email list outside of the sign-up period will be placed on a wait list and added during the next sign-up period.

Change of address requests will be addressed during sign-up periods.

Please do not use the group list for emails containing political, religious, or non-educational commercial material. Content should relate to homeschooling issues, events or opportunities. Forwarding emails to individuals who are not members of the group is considered a violation. Violators will be removed from the list.

When corresponding:
  • Please take notice of the person originating correspondence and reply to that individual with questions, RSVPs, etc. Responding to unrelated individuals creates confusion for the group and increased work for the list administrator.
  • Please specify relevant deadlines.
  • Please handle conflict privately, directly and off-list.
Deliberate misuse of the list will result in temporary or permanent removal, at the list administrator's discretion.


INCH members are expected to be civil to one another. Disagreements should be worked out privately between those involved; all members of the group deserve to be comfortable during group meetings. 

INCH is an ecumenical group and welcomes various viewpoints. Please be aware in your dealings with others that they may differ from you on educational, religious, political and social issues, and that we are all required to treat each other with civility despite our differences.

Inappropriate behavior (such as gossip, proselytizing, abusing private information disclosed on the group list, etc.) is discouraged. Please be respectful of others around you. 

If you can't be civil, you will be asked to leave the group and removed from the email list.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Remitting payment for INCH membership indicates that you agree to adhere to this Participation Agreement. Violation of any terms specified herein shall be grounds for dismissal from the group. Please keep a copy for your records.

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