Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015-2016 Schedule of Classes, Groups, and Activities

This information came from our annual planning meeting, open to all adult members of INCH. The online calendar is always the most updated source of information. Thanks! 

Keep reading to learn about the MANY activities, clubs, field trips, events, classes, etc. we’ll be enjoying this year!!

Regularly-Scheduled Activities Clubs:

INCH Fridays - INCH families meet weekly on Friday afternoons from May through September for Park Days.

From October through April, there are several activities that meet on a regular basis. Details, including times and dates and location, will come directly from the coordinator of each activity. Many of them are popular activities that we have done in past years, and some are new for this year. Anyone in the group is welcome to plan anything at anytime – all we ask is that you never schedule an activity at a time when another INCH activity is already meeting.

Here are just some of the regularly-scheduled activities that are happening this year, with more being added all the time: 

  • Teen Nights
  • Book Club (Monthly, Ages 10-13)
  • Art Class with Miss Jenny (twice monthly, ages 5+)
  • Wishbone Book Club (Monthly, 5+)
  • Scholastic Book Orders
  • Yearbook Club
  • Letter-writing Club
  • Lego Physics Club
  • Playgroup at Five Stone Kids
  • Trading Card Club

Annual Activities:

In addition to our regular activities, we have a few annual INCH activities.

  • End-of -Summer Potluck/Group Picture
  • Alternative Trunk or Treat
  • May Day

Other Activities:

Here is a list of just some of the activities that are being planned this year. If there is an activity that you would like to plan, feel free to run with it. Please remember that kids can plan/lead activities as well – in fact, it is encouraged!

  • Corn Maze
  • Poetry Class
  • Landis Valley Homeschool Classes
  • Walking Club
  • Bird Walk
  • Fall Bonfire/Movie Night
  • Cooking Class
  • Gardening Class
  • Fall Hot Dog Roast
  • Community Service Activity
  • Girls on the Run Team
  • Heritage Creek Farm Camp
  • Ice Skating

Field Trips

People plan field trips throughout the year. We already have a number of field trips (and more are being added!) in the works, but like I've said, feel free to plan any outings you would like.

  • Cornwall Iron Furnace
  • Greater Refuse Authority
  • Knoebel's 
  • Tuscarora Lake
  • North Museum/Planetarium
  • Kozier's Christmas Village
  • Steampunk Unlimited at the Strasburg Railroad

Parent Activities:

While one of the primary reasons we formed INCH is to provide opportunities for group learning and socialization, another wonderful benefit is the opportunity for parents to come together, learn, and support one another. Our parent activities happen throughout the year.

  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Food-for-Thought Discussion Nights
  • Craft Nights

We're all looking forward to a great year! Thanks to all who work so hard to make INCH such a great, close-knit group of families!

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